Hawk and Dove becoming Avatars?

I am betting dawn dying (and hank being on the edge of death) opens the doorway for them to become the Avatars and give them powers. Anyone else think so?

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I’m thinking that Hank is willing to do anything to keep Dawn alive. Which will open the door for Chaos and Order to give them their powers

I sure hope so…

I’m not sure how they’ll get their powers or if they get their powers

I just wish they had your powers

And then they get their own show. Are you listening DC universe?

I never got into H&D in print, but on Titans, I’m sold. I didn’t even know they had superpowers in the books! What do they do??

I hope they figure out some way to pull it off. That was one of three big issues I had with H&D.

  1. No powers
  2. Making Dove as violent as they have been. They were the calming voice of the pair. Don basically was a pacifist at heart. Dawn would try to reason before violence becoming necessary.
  3. Dawn and Hank aren’t lovers in the comics. They are partners. More brother/sister like. There was a storyline where the agents of order and Chaos were attracted to each other making things awkward for the human pair. But the hosts were never romantic partners.