Have you read Jason Todd (pre-1988)?

I’m trying to put together a list of Jason Todd appearances, post Crisis, to see his story in real time.

This webpage seems like a good resource:


Happy reading!

I’ve read most. Looking to discuss with others that have read them too.

I’ve just read his arc leading up to death in the family. So pretty much what’s in batman:second chances. I’m guessing you were talking about even earlier than those issues? I was kind of surprised Jason was hated so much, I didn’t mind him at all tbh. But maybe I haven’t read enough of Dick Grayson as Robin though.

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Pre-Crisis and pre Batman 408 Jason was a Dick Grayson clone. He really did not have much of his own personality. He was a knock off Robin. The juvenile deliquent version came in 1988.

I didn’t even know Jason Todd existed until It was too late. I was driving to school and the radio was mentioning the story stressing that it was NOT Dick Grayson. I honestly hadn’t been reading any Superhero comics for a while by that point as most of my energies were dominated by Star Trek (which DC was publishing at the time)
After Jason died, I got back into reading Batman. However, the issue that featured Jason’s debut as THE NEW ROBIN! (Batman #368) had shot up in price after A Death in the Family came out. I had no idea that there had been a continuity reset between that and Batman #408 until much later. An interesting sidenote to that came about when I was reading Batman #55. At one point, Batman denies ever calling Dick “chum” to which Dick rattles off a series of “chum” phrases that he remembers. One such phrase was “Think clean thoughts chum!”. This comment was actually directed at Jason Todd’s Robin in the classic Superman story, “For the Man who has Everything” (Batman said it to Jason when he introduced him to Wonder Woman.) Obviously the implication is that anything memorable that Jason took part in prior to Batman #408 was automatically transferred to Dick following the new origin.