Have you ever found a TPB so boring that you retired it?

E.g. you were reading a TPB/GN and you knew nothing about the lore, and eventually just got fed up before you fully saw it through.
Not limiting to DC. Plus I’m not sure whether this really belongs here or in general.

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Brought Gotham Academy and liked vol. 1. Started reading the second volume and by the second or third issue in the book I realized that I didn’t really care about the main character, Olive, or her problems. However, I finished it and started vol. 3. This one I DNF. It was completely useless and had no importance. I realized why this series was cancelled.

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Not a trade but when Deadpool Max #1 came out, I had just got home from the comic store with it and my other new books for that week.

I pulled the book out and began reading it. Five minutes later it was in the kitchen trash can. I’m all for absurdity and goofiness but that issue was just odd and disturbing. I immediately took it off my pull list and absolutely refuse to read anything more from that series.

As for DC, I’ve read a few slogs and snoozefests here and there but I always see them through (patience trying as some may be). The only time I literally ditched a book I didn’t like was the trade of Bug: The Adventures of Forager. After I read it, I sold it at the absolute next opportunity I could.

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Glad I skipped Bug then! It’s been in my amazon wishlist for a while!

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I was reading Metal in single issues and got about 4 issues in(6 if you include the one shots prior) before I realized I hadn’t enjoyed a single issue, so I dropped it.

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@MattMcDonald Depending on your enthusiasm for the Fourth World or the Allreds, you might enjoy the Bug mini.

Especially if you can score it cheap :wink:

As an animal photographer and illustrator, I’m always picking up animal related/drawn issues. Just picked up Huckleberry Hound …a 23 page snooze fest lecture on today’s state of affairs. If I wanted that I would turn on CNN.