Have DC Superheroes Ever Busted People for Going Over the Speed Limit?

I was wondering if superheroes in the DC Universe has ever busted criminals for speeding? If memory serves me correctly, the answer is no, but I want to be sure.


I hope that Flash never did because well…


Golden Age Superman has! In Action Comics Vol 1 #12 the whole plot is about Superman trying to stop reckless driving, and he intimidates the Mayor for speeding.


I was just about to cite that one, @CPDBA!

One of the comic series I have been reading on this service is the old golden age Action Comics run. After all the years I have been reading comics, I only got around to reading that particular issue last week. The entire Superman adventure in Action #12 is all about Superman cracking down on irresponsible drivers. Superman wasn’t putting up with any nonsense back in those days.


Thank you @CPDBA for your insight. I learned something new about Superman and superheroes. I will have to read that issue.

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Well the minute I saw the headline for this thread, the first thing I remembered was this scene from the Adventures of Superman #525
Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 12.35.03 PM Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 12.35.55 PM


I have recently read that issue and was about to go digging for the exact number. Superman does not take speeding lightly.

That looks familiar, that was when that one guy from Smallville had a plot to kill Clark and the Kents and Lois went into hiding, right?

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Correct! Clark’s childhood friend Kenny Braverman aka Conduit. This was in the Death of Clark Kent storyline.

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