Have a Suggestion For DC Shop Items? Let Us Know!

Greetings, Citizens of the DC Universe! :dc:

Earlier this year, we launched our very own DC Shop, and we got to work filling it with wearables from your favorites heroes and villains. But with such a vast array of possibilities, we want to know exactly what you would like to see in the DC Shop!

We may not be able to create every item requested, but your suggestions can help us steer this mighty ship in the direction of your dreams. So please, let us know what swag or items you’d like to rock to show off your DC pride in the comments below! :point_down:

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Toys Toys, TOYS!!!


I’d really love to see trades/graphic novels most of all, along with other types of collectibles like statues, Funko Pop!s, pins, etc. Ultimately it would just be great to move further away from all the apparel. Not that it shouldn’t be in the Shop at all, but I just feel like that makes up the vast majority of available items, and it’d be nice to see some actual diversity in the types of products available