Has supergirl ever straight up won a fight?

Obviously she has but has she ever won against somebody who’s her equal or almost her equal in strength? And not by talking it out or anything like that just straight up winning the fight lol. I ask cause every time I Google stuff about supergirl’s comic escapades she’s getting her head kicked in by lex luthor. H’el deathstroke and a couple others I can’t think of like she’s superman but a little bit weaker why does she stink so much lol

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I feel like Supergirl sometimes needs help especially in the live action one Alex sometimes saves j’honn sometimes saves her mon-el has to save her!

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I think she does as much as a lot of similar heroes. Depending on the comics run, Supergirl is often young and adjusting to her powers and/or surroundings. I think she’s high school aged in Rebirth. On tv, she beat Superman and others 1v1. Her sister and DOE/Legion pals often help out; however, I think she does more by herself than Flash often does on his show (grumbles).