Has Red Hood new costume grown on you in outlaws?

At first I was very meh to it but now that he doesn’t have a shaved head anymore and sometimes isn’t wearing the hood I actually like it now. Especially how Rocafort draws Jason in the new costume.

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Yep i starting to like the suit

Yeah, I am, too. I wonder if they will keep him looking like this, or once Artemis and Bizaro come back he will go back to his original look?

Well the two of them have new looks so no

I like the new outfit, of course I liked the old one too. The new one really fit in well with the “Outlaw” title story. Hope they do keep it around.

I like it. It always bugged me a bit that “Hood” is part of his name, but until now he never sported one.

The pants still need fixing. That red stripe makes it look like he is wearing wind suit pants.