Has DC streaming service been successful so far?

Please can I have honest answers and not because your a huge fan of the titans show.

Titans has been a hit. One of the most popular shows out there. The streaming service needs improvement though. But I’m still loving it.

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6.5/10 and for titans fans 7.6/10.

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How is it one of the most popular shows out there when you can only watch it on this app. Definitely not true. I can name 10 other shows that have more viewers.

And it’s only out in america Hahaha definitely not one of the most popular.

This app is great, apart from me not being able to watch Titans episode 3 on my Apple TV, now have to resort to streaming computer to tv. Thank goodness it’s smart!

I meant superhero shoes


To me it’s been successful. Not an overwhelming success, but all the pieces are here. It’s all gonna come down to what the app turns into 1 or 2 years for now.

I would say no. The main reason is the big selling points at this moment are the comics and the few new shows. The big issues in my opinion are the lack console apps, and the fact that some people hear streaming service and thing of netflix , hulu, or amazon with their large libraries and expect that…which this service just cant compete with yet. They dont even have all the dc shows on the service yet…the arrowverse stuff for example. But this is just my take on it.


Huge DC fan, but I can’t seem to stream anything without a lag every minute on the minute. I grew up on Teen Titans so Im giving titans a chance even though the network programs seem to have better writing, effects, and respect for character personalities. The comic book selection though limited at times is awesome and vast in its own right. Can’t wait for young justice!!!

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I feel I get my money’s worth. I’m enjoying both the Titans show and watching DC Daily. I don’t read very many comics on the service at the moment but I do hope that a persistent library does eventually happen as I’m much more likely to check out a new title if I can read at my own pace.

I’m also hoping for more original content beyond the TV series such as in-depth interviews with creators, an after-show for the Arrow-verse shows, art tutorials… There is a lot of room for growth in all directions.

That’s why I’m comfortable and happy to pay my subscription… I hope it helps to further the content growth. That’s why I’m fine with a weekly episode roll-out for these initial few service exclusive shows. Those wanting to binge and bail don’t care about anything but their immediate satisfaction without thinking of the long-term scenario.

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The Roku and AppleTV apps are a mess, the Fire TV app was hurriedly withdrawn, next episode autoplay fouls up the ends of shorts, and the audio is overcompressed 1985 stereo that mushes dialogue and flattens music and effects.

The Android phone and tablet apps are okay, as is the iOS app.

Cycling of comics needs to be slower. Also, including some collections might be a plus.

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So-So. The Apple TV app works sporadically. Needs to be fixed. Titans has been a hit for me. Looking forward to other regular series content. Enjoyed watching all the old Superfriends cartoon episodes from the 70’s. Ahhhh…how they bring back good childhood memories.

Fix the Apple TV app and I’ll be a real happy camper. :slight_smile:

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Honestly no I’m only here for Titans everything else just sucks why not give us new comics at least ? Who hasn’t read what’s on here already it’s so lazy

I have almost every major streaming service subscription (except Hulu which I had). This is the only one I use the most, the 2nd being Netflix.

I am really liking this service I have been getting a lot more into the comics on here and there are some awesome runs, but on that same note there are quite a few that have only small amount of comics in a run. I do hope they have more to finish runs. I do that this is still in the beginning stages of this app that’s y I feel it is really great because there is already a lot of content. If they continue to build on it this will definitely be worth a resub after my preorder extended year is up. I’m excited to see what they make of this

I have used it on three different Roku devices and the app works great. I don’t know how you gauge the success of an app without any good data and DC would be the holder of that. The best thing to do is wait and see if ATT/Warner Media discusses DC Universe in one of its quarterly earnings calls.

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@fosterjavonte.6120 Who hasn’t read all 3000 comics currently on here? I lot of people, I have been a comic fan for 30 years and was a hardcore collector and DC fan for 20 of those and I haven’t read anything on here. I get some people didn’t have the comics they wanted, but who hasn’t read everything on here? Most people.

As for new stuff.,… if they had the newest issues on here people would just read them here for the price of two comics a month which would cost them a ton of money. Even the Marvel service which everyone compares it to doesn’t do that. That is simple math, 3-4 bucks an issue vs 8 bucks a month… which is more money? DC is a business. People complaining about the selection is a logical complaint if they have it, but DC is not going to give us the latest issues out on the newstand for basically nothing because it would be a horrible business move.

As for is this successful, well I love it but hard to say we don’t have the stats. Given the Titans poll they did 3 weeks ago by their own numbers they gave didn’t get 2000 votes says something about how few members were on here, at least before Titans dropped. But we don’t know the full number of members or what goals they had as anything like this doesn’t expect to make a fortune in 2 months. So hard to say.

There was an Apple TV app update. Finally!!! It’s working fine so far.