Has anyone won any of the sweepstakes?

I’m just wondering has anyone actually won any of the sweepstakes, I sometimes wonder if that’s just promotion and nobody actually gets any of the prizes. I realize with the number of subscribers that the odds of winning are exceedingly low but it would be comforting to know that at least somebody is getting these prizes

Dunno. I’d love to win, though, thats for sure.


I remember seeing a guy who had won make a video thanking DC Universe. I think they put it on the daily show. I’m sure most people don’t go on the forms pointing out they won tbh


I won 1st prize for the DC Universe 30 Days of Giveaways. I won the DC Gallery The Joker by Rick Baker 1:1 Scale Bust. I just received it in the mail last week and I have not taken it out of the box because I have no idea where I’m going to put it yet.


I just wish they had better advertising for the sweepstakes. the only way I hear about them is through my email. Wish it was front and center in the community section. I might be missing it tho, someone feel free to enlighten me lol

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Deku (nice name), if you go check the news tab (below the community section) you’ll see them there.

I agree though, they should have more visibility, but then again less people means better odds lol.


Congrats to the winners! I’m just glad to know that somebody somewhere is actually getting stuff


I also wondered if it was all bs. If true though, I’ve never been lucky enough to win any of these sweepstakes stuff anyway.

dontphishmebruh thanks! and okay cool. yeah thats a good point, I’ll keep this info to myself :wink: lmao

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No not one.

I should rephrase that “I” haven’t won any but some have. Theres a thread with some winners and pics of their prizes. There’s also a link about how u can receive a list of the winners on one of these threads