Has anyone read The Flash Year One #75 yet?

I just finished reading issue #75 and I liked it. The Turtle is an interesting adversary to Flash and he forces Barry to use creative ways to defeat him or tap so deep into the Speed Force, his speed overpowers the Turtle’s slowness.

Minor spoiler alert from here on…

When Barry entered the Speed Force he remarks
“I think I can speed up all of time and space for a few seconds”.
This indicates to me his power has increased exponentially from moments before. But then after he emerges from the Speed Force, it appears that his lightning is white.

Does anybody else see white or do you still see yellow? Perhaps, very light yellow?

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Tell me its title so I can find it.

I found your review! You can read my reply.

You mean the fastest man alive # 1987? If so, it was great. I believe we’re on same page. I read so many lately I mix em up. However, I did read that issue & also read about the turtle battle you mentioned. I love the Turtle. He’s not really a rogue, or I guess just not a rogue the way Flash is set up. He’s one of my favorite Flash villains. Always get excited when him or Gorilla Grodd make an appearance.