Has anyone read Superman American Alien by Max Landis

That is probably my favorite out of continuity Superman story.

Favorite part is seeing Clark as a teenager and him taking out a gang that breaks into the home of the parents gang leader.

Read issues one through four as they came out. Then I saw an interview on YouTube with him and he came off as very arrogant and annoying so I decided I didn’t want to support his book anymore. I never finished it and sold the issues I did read.

Did the same but with a whole comic company Marvel.

Social Media is a hell of a thing.

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I sold my Marvel books too. high five


My bad should have been more specific. I just stopped supporting them. Didn’t sell my old comics.

I have no doubt he’s an arrogant git, but he’s an arrogant git who told a pretty damn good Superman story.

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Loved it.

Nothing to say about the comic just extending another high five for dumping Marvel books. Sorry, not trying to start another site war, that’s just the way it is. I don’t hate people for liking or even loving Marvel. But like it or not there’s a divide and my choice isn’t made on quality of comics, movies etc it’s history and it’s personal.


It’s excellent, I so want a sequel. Land is writes a relatable and compelling Clark.The issue where Clark gets drugged by Slade is one of the funniest Superman issues ever.