Has Anyone Heard Any News About Young Justice Season 4?

Its been real quiet for the last couple of months ladies and gents


Most likely it get a release date and a trailer at the upcoming event they doing in August


Redditor said the writer said they have 0 episodes currently for Season 04 :frowning:

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Oh corona you hate tv…



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Oh no, whaaat?? :slightly_frowning_face:

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Here’s hoping there is news about season 4 at DC Fandome



I guess you’re right, there’s still that. I’ll stay hopeful.

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This doesn’t bode well for DCUniverse. Titans hasn’t begun filming season 3 and YJ has nothing produced either. I wouldn’t be surprised if DCUinverse is shut down soon.

Doesn’t bode well? We’re in a pandemic.

Titans hasn’t filmed anything because of the restrictions. Once those are lifted things can go back into production.

With Young Justice, you have to understand that animation takes time. Yes, voices can be recorded early but it takes major animation studios months to do a season of a show. You have animatics, the color screenings and there has to be time to send it over for test screenings to see if anything needs to be changed. Even with the internet and technology it’s still a process. Because of the pandemic a lot of production has been shut down.

Because the production of two shows is halted by the pandemic suddenly DC Universe is shutting down? Sorry, but I’m not buying it.


They’d better have something new to show, or the cancellations will roll in.

How come Disney can produce the second season of the Mandalorian (coming in two months) but DCU can’t finish a cartoon show?


You just answered your own question right there: animation vs live action. They are not the same process to produce.

It’s easier to film a scene with people (even with CG) than it is to create backgrounds, create character models, do the animatics, do the color timing and then sending it off to the producers to see if changes need to be made.

This really isn’t as cut and dry as you seem to believe.

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It probably taking longer because one of the main members of the team Brandon Vietti has been working on the newly revealed Batman: Death in the Family. He also posts frequently on Twitter about Young Justice related topics so I don’t think the show is never coming out.


Sorry, not buying the “animation takes longer” line. Season 2 premiered with almost no delay at all. Now it’s been a year since season 3 ended and we now learn that there’s still “nothing in the can” and who knows how much longer we’ll have to wait? This tells me one thing: there’s no budget for it and it’s on hold until there is a budget. That shows are steadily being moved to other venues is a sure sign that DCU’s days are numbered.

You clearly want to believe what you want to believe. Patience and reason don’t seem to be among your virtues.

You can choose to buy it or not but that’s on you. The shows that are shared by other networks haven’t been pulled from here, either.

Again, believe what you’d like.

Occam’s razor suggests otherwise,

I’ll give Greg props, as he fought hard to bring back Young Justice. But I’m not holding my breath for season 4.

As I said in the other post, then that’s on you. That’s your burden, not everyone else’s.

Get back to me when there is an announced date for season 4. I’ll be waiting. Or just let me know when the first episode is completed.

The official announcement for season four was last year at San Diego Comic Con.

And if you’re so ready to throw your hands up about season four even happening it seems odd you’d want to be informed for an announcement.

Now, clearly we can’t inform you when an episode is completed because that’s something only production can speak of. And again, production is halted be said of the pandemic. I cannot stress that enough.

If you think it won’t happen, that’s okay. You’re entitled to your opinion, but to perpetuate this delusion that DC Universe is shutting down because you’re not getting this new season as fast as you’d like… wow. Just wow.

We’ve reached an impasse here.

Season 2 premiered immediately bc it was produced straight through with season 1, and because season 1 was delayed and had a long hiatus partway through, it was back to back. It was supposed to have a months long hiatus like most shows have.

While nothing is completed, as of 7/16, in March, Greg shared:

If oversees studios are working in the project, and are shut down that adds to the time it takes to complete the project. So not only does the US studio need to complete everything and reopen based on state mandates (California is still shut down), but they have to reply on other countries. A lot is gonna delay it.