Has Anyone Else Noticed the Distinct Lack of Catwoman Merch on the DC Shop?

Ok, I got my official 10 dollars off code for DC shop for pre-registering with DC infinite so I go looking for a shirt. I see a BATMAN: HUSH JAPANESE COMIC PANELS LONG SLEEVE TEE ART BY JIM LEE…and its batman and the joker on it…joker had only 27 panels in all of the hush stories which ran for 11 issues. ya, I do not think joker when I think Batman: Hush, I do not think of Joker I think oh that’s the story where Batman and Catwoman (new earth) finally start moving out of the enemies category and into their rightful lover’s category.
So Thinking maybe I will find a batman Catwoman cover page t-shirt or even a batman number 50 cover t-shirt I look up Catwoman…she is on one t-shirt with the other Gotham rouges which I will not buy because i no longer think of Catwoman as a member of batman’s rogue’s gallery, she is a member of the Batfamily and has been since 1977 when huntress dabbed on earth two. on that same shirt is Harley quin…who is approaching her 30th anniversary this year and has 1 solo shirt.

On the other hand, Catwoman who like the joker appears in Batman vol 1 number 1, is the first woman in comics to have the moniker woman in her nom de gear (batman issue 3 she was known as Cat-woman) is approaching her 81 anniversary in march is on one shirt despite being fairly popular her solo work composing over five volumes 300 issues total, and as the greatest thief in the world she stole the show from Batman in 2 live-action future films…yet she is also the only character to take a 15-year absence do to the book corruption of the innocent.

Why does she not have a single solo shirt only have one shirt when she is supporting a solo book and has a two-issue book running in Future State, a place in the next Batman movie, was in a staring (ish) roll in Gotham tv series, was in two Batman films. yet is only on a single official t-shirt as a member of batman’s rogue’s gallery…at least she is in her gold/silver age costume instead of her modern costume a costume she has not used for any considerable length of time since Batman vol 1 number 400…ok I will give the fact that the Catwoman movie was a flop, but that did not have Selina Kyle in it other than in a photo and WB was obsessed with Catwoman having her ‘cat powers’ which she only has in batman returns and was influenced by Wildcat. so why so little Catwoman merchandise.
The Hush t-shirt: DC Shop: BATMAN: HUSH Japanese Comic Panels Long Sleeve Tee art by Jim Lee


Has anyone ever noticed the lack of Nightwing merch?

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Hello! We appreciate you taking the time to let us know your thoughts and feelings. Your feedback is very helpful and we will pass it on over to the Shop Team.

Please keep in mind, the vouchers do not expire until 2/1/2022. You have plenty of time to use them, and can wait until something pops up that you really like! Make sure to check back in frequently, as new things are added to the shop all the time.

Finally, please feel free to submit a request and let the team know what you’re interested in seeing added to the shop.


Thank you so much! I did just that. Been praying for an online DC comic book shop so we can buy physical comics and novels, etc. ever since I had subscription issues (damage, late arrivals, etc.) with no possibility of protection. So I always figured an online shop with optional shipping & handling methods would be perfect! Like I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t live near a comic book shop and wouldn’t mind shelling out a few extra buck to make sure their stuff arrives safely.


Personally, I prefer digital copies of my comics over hard copy…but I am that way with video games too, would be with movies but I buy hard copies of movies for the extras as much as the film. However ya the idea of paying a few extra bucks for insurance on books is a good idea as I have had some compilation books damaged from shipping.


I don’t mind digital in like the sense of DCUi. But if I really like something I want to own it - I wanna hold it and flip the pages, etc. I also love that they come with concept art in the back of the collected vols which is usually how I collect comics after my complications with subscription. But it would be really nice to be able to support my favorite titles and character y’know? And the best way to do that is to buy the issues every month. That’s not really possible with DCUi and with no comic book shop near me that’s really hard to do especially since sites like Amazon cost more so they can also make a profit on top of shipping and handling. Buying from the source for the actual price plus shipping and handling just makes the most sense.

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Nothing wrong with that =) Do you have prime you can get discounts? I understand ya i do not have A comic shop near by ether. ya know you can buy individual current issues the day they come out form amazons kindle store for 2.99-7.99 depending on the size of the issue. and you still get the galley art in the GN format books. Injustice year zero is .99 a issue…when i bought them.

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I did not. But I don’t have prime or a kindle so… it seems accessible and reasonable. I’ll have to check it out and see if it works for me. Actually accessibility is how I got into Archie Comics. My former English teacher (who is also a huge comics nerd) recommended Archie as it’s one of his favorite comics. So finding out they had an online shop really helped me. It’s been a couple years and I have yet to have any complications with it. Would love to see that for DC.

Kindle has a free computer app too. and has similar features to dc universe infinate in you can zoom in.

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@A1waysAJ @Nobody.bladesmith If you folks don’t have a comic shop nearby, I highly recommend Discount Comic Book Service. Up to 40% off comics and specials that can be 50% off.


I also recommend their sister company In Stock Trades for trades and hardcovers.


I’ll just warn you it can be addicting. :joy:


Thanks for the sites :grin:…that’s…more impressive than my manga collection(i have more manga hard copies) I have that same copy of Batman year on…except I lost the dust jacket…how come no marvel’s the transformers books? (transformers started as a Comic before it became 8 part miniseries, then multiple cartoon series, and a highly successful live action film series.) …wait do you have multiple copies of the dark knight returns books or just the box set?

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It’s the Dark Knight III deluxe box set.

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They did have a piece of merch I liked.

you read the DKRe golden child yet?

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No, I have not read it yet. Is it good?

I enjoyed it, I liked that it does not have the old trinity at all instead of focusing on the characters of Lara Kent as supergirl, Carrie kelly as Batwoman…and Jon Kent as…a loveable little brat wise beyond his age yet still a kid …Let’s call him Wonderboy instead of Superboy as he knows has a different mother then Jon (Lane) Kent.