Has a release date been given for Young Justice outsiders?

Just curious if that has been revealed yet.

I don’t think so, other than the end of December/January

Nothing specific other than sometime in 2019.

January than back in June

I have been waiting for anything having to do with Young Justice since the Last Episode of the second season. It has been torture. I am a true Batgirl ( B. Gordon ) fan and the rendition of her in Young Justice, Season 2, is one of my favorite versions.

I think that there has been enough fan response to and notice saying that there would be a third season, that it should be viewable. I am looking forward to it. Please bring it on. Lol

There’s a trailer that just got put on YouTube. It’s Jan. 4th.

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January 4th is confirmed

The latest DC Daily just announced it as January 4th, 2019.