Harvey Dent Origin Preference

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As I often ponder Batman villains origin stories there is one in particular that gives me great conflict and wanted to see what y’all think about Harvey Dent/Two Face

The versions I’m considering:

  1. Batman the Long Halloween, Sal throwing acid in the court room chemically scaring half of Harvey

  2. The Dark Knight, Harvey put in a 50/50 chance of survival against his girlfriend/fiance. She dies and he gets half burned due to the explosion/gasoline. He has survivors guilt and turns everything into a 50/50 chance

  3. Batman the Animated series, somewhat mentally ill DA candidate has sensitive information (big bad Harv) stolen by criminals and black mail him to get it back. Harvey goes angry to stop these criminals and an accidental electrical/chemical explosion happens deforming half of his face.

Now personally I saw The Dark Knight version first, but the Long Halloween is obviously a classic take that heavily inspired TDK. The one thing I love about TDK is when Two Face at the end says

‘He has the same chance she did, 50/50.’

What an awesome way to show why the flipping of a coin justifies punishment or not.

What are your thoughts on Two-Face’s origin story? Which one do you like best? which one seems most ‘realistic’? Which one fits Harvey the best and which one fits who Harvey becomes the best? Any and all thoughts are appreciated :grin: :man_shrugging: :bat: :batman: :goodmorninggothamhqtas: :two: :two_facehappyhqtas:


Of these 3- I like TLH best. Love the idea of him, Batman, and Gordon all working closely together in the early days of Batman’s career, only for Harvey to fall and become one of the monsters he was trying to save the city from.

The Dark Knight. Someone with injuries like that, going on a rampage that ends in his own death seems all too realistic, especially here lately…

I like elements from all. Gilda as the love interest, working with Gordon and Batman in the early days (and people suspecting Harvey is the Batman, and Big Bad Harv always being there. I like that the accident didn’t cause his madness, it just unleashed it.


Tec 66

You know what they say about trying to fix things that aren’t broken…


Myself the Animated Series


Have to go with the Animated series with this one.

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I always liked his original origin from Detective Comics no. 66 (August 1942) best, although The Long Halloween always appealed to me too.

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