Harper Row Aka Bluebird Was Almost in Injustice 2 Video Game!

harper row was almost in injustice 2. she even had concept art drawn (see below) but the character was ultimately scrapped!! im disappointed by that!! shes a really underrated character!!!


Fun fact, @Frostbite30! I didn’t know that was a potential option for the game. I really enjoyed Batman The New 52 and their introduction of Harper. She has a cool look, a deep backstory, and a strong will to fight with the Batfamily. I agree, she’s underrated and I’d love to see more of her and Duke Thomas. What are your favorite Bluebird storylines?


Batman eternal and Batman and Robin eternal


Fellow Bluebird fan. Like the post @Frostbite30 & recommendations @KeyFamily I also loved Harper in Court of Owls & City of Owls. Batman Eternal is probably the most involvement in a storyline for her tho, plus it’s great imho. I’m sure u read the other 2 but if not, imho there great. You know I’m a crossover, maxi-series, longer the better oriented reader. Those aren’t bad tho length wise.

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Tbh I never heard of her but she look cool,what book did she appear in (I’m guessing a Batman book) and is she a hero, villain, or anti hero

She’s a hero and a member of the batfam. She is most prominent in Batman eternal and Batman and Robin eternal but has shown up in other batmsn comics too

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Based on the fact she was almost in Injustice 2, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if she showed up for the inevitable Injustice 3

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