Harley's Crew

:diamonds:Hey again, and good morning, @Harleys-Crew!
Just a quick reminder Crew Movie Night is in the lounge tonight (@ 6pm PST/9pm EST), Right :arrow_right: HERE.

And ICYMI: :boom: :books: New reading fresh out of the oven, as we begin Harley’s NEWEST solo series in :face_with_monocle: the Infinite Frontier. :point_left: Stop by there…

Now THIS :coffee: :catwoman_hv_2: :00_dc_pride_bs:

:diamonds:You’re my most trusted council, Crew. :harleys_crew: :black_heart: If you saw the movie, how was the Bi-Fi signal in your opinion? (sips tea) :eyes: I’ve seen easily a dozen articles on this in the last 24hrs…what say you?