Harley's Crew Book Club, Weeks One and Two: (08/17/2020 - 08/30/2020) Batman Adventures: Mad Love

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Hell Yeah!
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It’s the first two weeks so you KNOW we have to start off with Batman Adventures: Mad Love!

  • From 08/17/2020 to 08/23/2020 we’ll read read the book. Feel free to express how much you’re enjoying it, but please keep from spoiling anything for anyone.

  • From 08/24/2020 to 08/30/2020 we can talk about the book all we want without worrying about spoiling anything for anyone at all!

We understand it’s just one book so if you want to get a jump on what we’ll be reading here next you can go here DC Universe and start reading HARLEY QUINN (2000-)

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“Written and drawn by the masterminds behind Batman: The Animated Series, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, this epic reveals the origins of Harley Quinn as she proves her love to The Joker by trying to eliminate the Dark Knight on her own!”



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Oooooh. Fun fact, this was actually my very first comic to read back when I was 15.





I remember when this episode first came out on the show, it was always a favorite for me and my wife to watch. I also have the book, so this will be a fun choice, thank you!


Not to sound like a kissass, but if I were to watch the Mad Love episode from The New Batman Adventures after reading the book, could I get some extra points?

Fun Fact: My name is in that episode, and said by Harley for a total of three (count 'em, 3!) times.


AH TOOT! My dumb self was so excited to read this that I completely skipped the no spoiler part :laughing: So I completely forgot how much I loved this issue. I’ll save my previously planned comments for a later date


Read it again, loved it, took notes that I’ll share on the 24th. This story is classic, and will never get old.


:diamonds:Hey there! Do you like polls? (Of course you do—who doesn’t like a poll!?) Vote and sound off below! :sunglasses: Don’t forget to hold spoilers for next week!

Have you read Mad Love?

  • Yes, and I loved it!
  • Yes, but didn’t love it.
  • No, and I prob won’t, because I like…napping TOO much.
  • No, but I plan to now that there’s a club to read it with!

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I love Mad Love, I always enjoy reading it and watching the episode. I like how Batman states that she was closer to killing him than the Joker, it was one of the things about Harley that got me into being a fan of hers. That she has the potential for much more in life than being with Joker if she was so close to killing Batman. Overall, it’s always a good read with Dr. Harleen Quinzel, her backstory and becoming Harley Quinn. It’s amazing to how far she’s gone ever since she first appeared in BTAS.


I’ve been reading 2010s comics recently so this was a nice reminder of why I got into comics in the first place. Also the main reason I disliked the joker was that he always abused Harley


AAAAAASND this book club discussion is a GO!!!
We are no free to discuss our thoughts, opinions and FEELS about what we’ve read!


Finally! Let’s try this again since I jumped the gun last week. Here were my thoughts as I read :grin: while I have read this before it was some time ago so this was a much needed reread!

I agree the hint was way too easy, but can we just appreciate that Harley technically gave Joker the perfect opportunity to kill Batman? If, you know, he wanted to do so. (pg. 7, 8)

Also, while I find her methods hilarious in this, I really love what they did with her character in Harleen. I.e. the differences in how she handled things before Joker. (pg. 12)

“Alas, the bitter jest of Fate!” That line was truly great :smile: (pg. 18)

This scene is a perfect example of how unhealthy this relationship is. I mean, he just shut her in with the Hyenas! Essentially sending her to the doghouse like a pet! I keep rereading it thinking, “Harls, you deserve so much better!” And remembering the fact that Ivy has told her the same thing so many times (pg. 19)

No matter what version I read, I love seeing how the Joker manipulates her. (pg. 26)

“Well, you just poison him right back.” :rofl: (pg. 37)

Props to Harley for this gorgeous performance :clap: (pg. 39, 40)

Batman’s laugh creeps Harley out. LOVE (pg. 46)

LOL The Joker plagued by what will happen to his rep if Harley kills Bats (pg. 49)

Annnnd it just gets horribly sad from there… somehow more heart wrenching than previous :cry: Renee finding Harley :broken_heart:

I am sooo glad Bat rubbed it in Jokers face that Harley almost pulled off what Joker couldn’t (pg. 60, 61) Also, bonus points for calling him “Puddin’”

Ah! That ending hit just like I remembered! So well written in how it shows the toxic relationship between Harley and Joker. how easily he manipulates her and how abusive he is. Brava! :grin: :clap: :heart: :broken_heart:


I think she sabotaged it on purpose. Look at her face when Joker is about to drill Gordon

Its all in the eyes, and her eyes say she doesn’t want anything to do with what’s going on.


One of the best Batmobiles ever

Had to pause to learn a new word, thank you Alfred-

One of my favorite explanations for why Joker has never killed Batman- he’s an artist who only gets to do it once, and can’t decide which way would be perfect.

Best moment in the story- the first time Harley’s belief in the Joker is shattered. And while she ends the story right back where she started, it was nice to see some cracks in the armor. The doubt. Maybe everyone was right, and Joker isn’t worth her time. We see this chain of thought continued later in the series when she interacts with Poison Ivy.


Hmmm interesting thought! It’s kinda hard to tell exactly cause of the shadow.


Agreed. Love this Batmobile!
This is one of my favorite explanations as well. Him not just needing to be the one to kill Batman, but that it has to be done in the proper manner. A manner befitting their relationship.
As you said, this is a scene we see repeated over and over with Harley. I love that we do cause it shows how deeply involved she is and how hard it can be to get out of such toxic relationships.


I agree, it showed her that the Joker isn’t what she thought to believe but she wants to make it work so badly even if the Joker lied to her. It shows that it’s going to take a while before she sees Joker for who he really is.


I think so because Bruce Timm is very gifted in being able to show a wide range of emotions with his art. If he wanted to show a Harley truly in love with being evil, it would have looked closer to this-


Lol :joy: I don’t think Harley is in love with being evil, but I do think that Harley’s “Mad Love” for the Joker has lead her to doing many evil things. I don’t think she would sabotage Joker’s plan just for Jim. I DO think she would for someone else, most especially a child, but I can’t see her doing it for Commissioner Gordon.