Harley's Crew Book Club, Weeks 7 & 8: Harley Quinn Solo Series (9 - 12)


From 09/28 to 10/04 we’ll read issues 9 to 12 and we’ll discuss them from 10/05 to 10/11.

Here’s the link to the books:

I can’t wait to read what you all think!!!

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Way late for this one, but wanted to say it was a fun couple issues. Having “Matches Malone” join the crew was a cool idea (honestly kind of wish that was something that was done in the animated series). Harley running around as Batgirl was a lot of fun. Everything that was set up from the first issue was resolved in a great way.

The last issue was interesting in that it really showed off Harley’s delusion in the destruction she leaves around her. Poor…goon who’s name I don’t remember.

Though it sounds like her thing going forward is being a “Cupid of Crime” which is…a choice. Curious to see where that goes.


Better late than never…ladies and gentlemen, heres my favorite scenes! This one right here​:point_down:gets points for creativity.

Bowling Pins :bowling: Who knew?!

Then we have Ivy :wilted_flower: cruisin’ around as Batgirl, and whats not to love about that? She wears it well, and I especially enjoy watching her change color. :green_heart:

And we get “Cupid of Crime”…whiiich sums up what this series is for: building a mythology for Harley, w/ plenty of random cheesecake moments/cutesy puns. Like we discussed at the start: they didn’t know what to do w/ her. Not my favorite take on Harls and overall, it’s not my thing. :woman_shrugging:t2: The artwork is still doing all the heavy lifting.



Oh and I enjoyed getting to spend a few moments w/ Richard :face_with_monocle: and Babs. :purple_heart: