Harley's Crew Book Club, Weeks 5 & 6 : Harley Quinn Solo Series (Issues 5-8)

I for one appreciate the look at what comics were 20 years ago and I look forward to seeing how Harley progresses over the years as we continue to read her solo series.


From 09/14 to 09/20 we’ll read issues 5 to 8 and we’ll discuss them from 09/21 to 09/27.

Here’s the link to the books:

I can’t wait to read what you all think!!!

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Ok all!

Can’t wait to read what you all think so far.

I’ll type something more in debth this evening, but for now I’ll say Im sure enjoying the silly look into the history of Harley Quinn!


I love the look into Harley’s past!

Do you think she shot him or watched him do it?

I lingered on this page a little longer than the others:

This was good:

As well as this handshake:

Over all these books are just plain SUPER SILLY! But popping heads are pretty rad!

And I’d join her crew just for the shirts!!!


Ok, so I kept going w/ my reread. It definitely improves as it goes—as @hashtag-goodtobejo said: it’s just silly and fun. The artwork is still carrying it. Not a masterpiece obviously, lol, but like @Vroom mentioned before, they didn’t really know where to go w/ her yet.

There are still some bits of dialogue I find rather :unamused: like calling Harls a “ditz”. SHE’S NOT. She leaves her options open and it’s my opinion Harley can be quite effective when it comes to improvising, so I’m always curious how lines like that compute w/ others… :eyes: if anyone wants to chime in, I’m all eyes.

Me too—AND on the cute shirts! :joy:


Finished this one a couple of days ago and kept forgetting to say something here about it. :sweat_smile:

I’m definitely digging this more as we start to get a bit of momentum on what this book is meant to be. I’m starting to wonder if the HQ:TAS showrunners read this and were inspired by it, since there’s a similar plot: Harley Quinn breaks up with The Joker and decides to prove to be his equal by being her own supervillain, complete with her own crew.

(And yes, I also want those shirts. Maybe some kind soul who works at the DC apparel will see this and get inspired? :crossed_fingers:)

There’s some great comedy in these issues – probably the best being Harley breaking into Wayne Manor and Big Barda (who knew Harls got involved with Apocalypse stuff this early?).

“Did you say ‘collapse?’”

“Don’t fear, over half the structure is intact. And most important…the Grandfather Clock is safe!”

“…Bruce is gonna kill me…”


The most interesting part of the reading was definitely the look into her past and her first kill(?). I like that they’re continuing to take out the bit from Mad Love that I never quite liked, with her not being good at psychiatry and having to sleep with her professors to pass. There’s still a bit of that, but I like that she does have a keen understanding of the mind, she just doesn’t care about the academic side and wants to focus on the experimentation, and is willing to play mind games of her own to get what she wants.

The part that I’m not particularly sure about is how connected she was to The Joker even back then. Using the Joker venom makes sense for the plot, but it gives this feeling like it was destined to happen, and it takes away a bit of the manipulation that Joker does if she’s already obsessed with him before she even meets him.

Still, this is pretty cool stuff. Definitely looking forward to reading more. :slight_smile: