Harley’s Crew | Wks 17 & 18: Winter/Holiday Reading

The holidays are near, so while we wait for new comics to arrive, let’s dig in to a mixed bag o’ books! :books: :coffee: (Single issues)

We’ve got Wonder Woman, Batman, Ivy, Swampy, Joker, Freeze—take your pick!

The Batman Adventures Holiday Special

Harley’s Little Black Book 1

The Batman Adventures 28

Harley Quinn Holiday Special

Swamp Thing Winter Special (w/ House of Horror!)

The Batman and Robin Adventures 8

You know the drill:
We’ll spend the first week (12/7–12/13) reading, then discuss during the second week (12/14–12/20). Which was your favorite? Which one would you set on fire first if you needed kindling? Sound off below. :fire::black_heart::heart:

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I fell behind in all of the other readings, but I’m rolling up my sleeves and I’m ready for this one! :triumph:


Gifs you can hear. :rofl:


I’m w/ @Jay_Kay I can hear this! :harley_delicioushqtas:

Okay, so who loved the Wonder Woman issue of Harley’s Little Black Book and the Swamp Thing Winter Special as much as I did? :eyes:


raises hand enthusiastically

I particularly enjoyed the Swamp Thing one-off. Very well written and drawn, and a great tribute to Masters Wein and Wrightson.

Just think @Razzzcat, when Halloween 2021 rolls around, the Legend of the Swamp Thing: Halloween Spectacular will be here! I’m excited for other people to check that book out, as it was quite good.


Hey Crew!

I wanna start with The Batman Adventures Holiday Special, but I won’t spend too much time on it since we watched the BTAS episode with these stories. All I’ll say is Bruce Timm is a really great artist. There’s a moment where he captures the mania of Clayface perfectly:
Clayface Wicked
The shadows across his face, the crooked teeth, the maniacal grin… Just a great moment. It reminded me of old cartoons or even Golden Age comic panels where the villain’s madness cracks through the surface. Good stuff!

Harley’s Little Black Book ended up being my introduction to the Conner/Palmiotti Harley Quinn material that I’ve heard so much about. I really liked it! It was clever, funny, and Diana was there! What’s not to like? My favorite thing, though, was this guy:
I kind of glossed over him at first, and then I did a double-take and was like: “Oh, wait, is that supposed to be Egg Foo? …That IS supposed to be Egg Foo!” And a much better version of him than the original. Though, I will say, his inclusion in this issue was apt considering how much trouble he gave Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor in his original first appearance.

I also had a lot of fun with The Harley Quinn Holiday Special. That first story proves that Harley does have a big heart. I did have a question though: Who the heck is Tony?

Finally, how jealous of Robin was Harley in The Batman and Robin Adventures #8?


I love, love, loved Harley’s Little Black Book! I got such a kick out of Harley being a closested Wonder Woman fan—it was actually really sweet to see! Also, how it took me until actually reading the issue to figure out that they were wearing each other’s outfits on the cover as well, I have no idea, but man oh man do I love it! Harley was right too, Diana really is all muscle. :flushed:

The Batman Adventures Holiday Special has some of my favorite stories, especially White Christmas… Victor and Nora just know how to make me go all teary-eyed sometimes. :pleading_face:

Harley’s Holiday Special was probably my favorite story out of these readings! Her attachment to all the fur babies, her stealth mission to check on Aboo, and the care she showed to the kid… I definitely had the most fun reading this one! I can’t resist adding some of my favorite panels:

also, all of her “holee” phrases had me laughing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Oh! And I loved the art for the two little stories they had at the end too!

that last panel… I just. I love it :rofl:

(PS: it might take me a minute to read Swamp Thing, but I’m looking forward to getting to it!)

Also, @TheCosmicMoth, Tony is one of Harley’s tenants/friends she met after an old Arkham patient left her an apartment in their will!


Thanks, @TheGirlWonder12!


@TheGirlWonder12 @TheChristmasMoth (loving the festive avatar btw!) :raised_hands:

I really liked Harley’s Holiday Special (and Harley’s Little Black book). It’s these kinds of stories that remind me that underneath it all, Harley’s got a big heart and she’s an optimist if I ever saw one. :diamonds::black_heart: I’d like for the WW story to pick up somewhere one day, honestly.

And I’m glad someone else saw her pouting. She’s not happy. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Poor Harls

Got some Bud & Lou too… even if the Bat threw them through a window. :neutral_face: Hands off, dude. Dontcha got some kinda hyena repellent?!

Still got 1 more to read, so I’ll be back, but I hope you get a chance to check out the Swamp Thing Winter Special, GirlWonder! It’s one of his best, imo.


This is for @Vroom, and anyone else who read it. :seedling: (and @D4RK5TARZ for inviting us)


Woo, Dick Durrock as Swamp Thing! Thanks, Ace!


Thank you, @Razzzcat! I needed to update it, anyway…

She shouldn’t worry. Ivy does this to a lot of guys, and they are insects to her.


This was some fun reading! Of course Harley is a literal closeted Wondy fan, I loved everything about that issue (the “I got really excited” line had me laughing out loud). The holiday special that covered some of the episodes we watched recently was a nice read, I always love going back to these stories, same with the other DCAU issues on offer here. Another silly line that made me giggle was at the end of B&R Adventures #8 when Robin says “Ivy and I could’ve made out and I would’ve felt nothing” and B-Man goes “I’m sure”. :laughing: