Harley’s Crew 📺 Watch-Along/Scavenger Hunt: SUICIDE SQUAD💥 BYOT (Bring Your Own Task Force X) 💥 MONDAY 2/22 @ 6PM PST/9PM EST

Hey there! Do you like watching incarcerated villains get sent on dangerous black ops missions? Me too! Time for another BYOM WAL! :tada:

Details below for anyone who hasn’t seen it, or if you’re new to watch-alongs…

Suicide Squad (2016): Follows a newly formed Task Force X as they’re sent on their very first mission: STOP THE APOCALYPSE! Gods, monsters, black mail, clowns, splosions—we’ve got it all! So who’ll make it out alive?? Gotta tune in to find out. :popcorn: Hope to see you here!

:boom: Scavenger Hunt: (Brought to you by Crew co-conspirator @Devi_Amuro) We’ll provide the list just before the WAL begins. As the items and answers come up during the movie, we’ll fill in the cards to reveal a magical prize! :star_struck:

:dc_history_club: Suicide Squad Comics History: The #dc-history-club took a deep dive on the 1980s Ostrander Suicide Squad :eyes: which provided much of the basis for both Suicide Squad movies (minus our lady, Harley). If you’re looking for some hints for The Suicide Squad (2021) check out the end of the thread!

You’ll need your own copy or rental of the movie! It’s available on HBOMax OR you can rent it right :arrow_right: HERE.

Be ready to hit PLAY at the moment of truth and if you get lost, we got you—just ask and we’ll get you on track.
Rated: PG-13, Runtime: 123 minutes

:harleys_crew: Contact @Razzzcat @Mae or @hashtag-goodtobejo below if you have any questions.




:raised_hands: You campin’ out @biff_pow? I’ll bring the Peep s’mores.


:laughing: i’ll be here! right here. not gonna move!


Perfect! (The bears are friendly round these parts. Don’t worry :harleys_crew:) :purple_heart:




Ah yes, Academy Award Winning Suicide Squad. I’m totally in for this. :smiley:


wow I was just thinking about re-watching this, glad I didn’t get around to it yet! I’ll see if I can stay awake for that long.


Tank u! :blush::heart:

Can we watch Hell to Pay sometime? :pleading_face:


DC89 sees that @biff_pow and other super cool DCUI community peeps RSVPing the Mighty @Razzzcat & Always Awesome @Mae’s groovy WAL soiree and is all like

:0_batgirl: :harleys_crew: :0_harley_quinn: :00_harley_quinn:


you’re gonna stay awake until the 22nd??? you’re even more excited than i am!


Snyder Cut JL Joker things!

:rotating_light: Don’t click if you don’t wanna see/know things, everyone!
(Beyond the Trailer video)

@iJest Just watched this :point_up_2: (JL news)—totally thought of you and @hashtag-goodtobejo. :purple_heart:
Ps. Plz dont stay awake straight thru to the 22nd! :laughing:


oh no I’m associated with the SS version of the Joker? :speak_no_evil: I went wrong in my life somewhere.

For the record: I do like SS as a movie, and before it came out I was waiting for years since childhood to see a movie with J & HQ in it together. I don’t think SS portrayed their relationship as it should be portrayed. And understanding that they filmed much more than what ended up in the cut we saw, I can’t speak to something I haven’t seen. I don’t really like SS’s version of the Joker, I disagree with the super modern style of his gangster-ness and how he isn’t really a clown anymore, etc. His portrayal did grow on me in parts and I can tolerate it. But, as a HQ cosplayer I greatly respect said: he may be A Joker, but he isn’t THE Joker, for me.

With all that being said, I’ve joked that I’m only planning to watch the Snyder cut because they put the Joker in it, lol. It’ll probably take me weeks to finish it.

I promise I have not been trying to stay up until the 22nd, peeps. In my old age, I could barely stay awake for 24 hours.


@iJest Noooo! Just the Joker in general. I think of you both when I’m here and he comes up. And this is Joker related news! I should’ve specified! #fail
I know he gets a lot of criticism, but I don’t think he’s bad. He just wasn’t developed unfortunately. Agree, I would’ve liked his relationship w/ Harley given more time, and it’s part of why I’d be into watching that mythological “Ayer-Cut”…as long as they still break up and Harls eventually runs off w/ Ivy where she BELONGS! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On the bright side JL looks like a new take you might enjoy. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do w/ him. :thinking: Someone needs to WAL that…


@Razzzcat Oh! Well, thank you. :joker_hv_5: Now I have watched the JL news video you posted and I am pretty excited to see it! It’ll be fun seeing how they add to the chaos. I’m always up for some good old fashioned Joker vs Batman, whatever form it takes.

Definitely agree with this, and I think he probably shouldn’t have been introduced in SS at all. He isn’t in the squad and there’s enough going on with the actual squad members that some of THEM didn’t get much development either. If they originally planned to have one HQ/J movie in addition to SS, I think all the Joker stuff should have gone to that movie.

Yes to the Ayer-Cut, and maybe this new interest in Leto will refuel some interest in that as well.

lol, well, based on the SS characterization they’re gonna need a LOT of development to get to that point. They cut out most of the complexities and problems in their relationship. it just kills me that it’s like… that footage and work EXISTS but we can’t see it.

With multiple pee breaks!


Hey @iJest! Me too. Excited to see how it’s all going to play out, especially if this could be another path for Joker vs. Bats and developing Harley…plus, I’m always happy to get more :raised_hands: Wonder Woman!

I know! Like, whyyy tell us you cut it all— why?! :woman_facepalming:t2: Allegedly(!!) they’re still supposed to do that Joker/Harley movie, so after seeing all this, I’m down! Even though SS has grown on me, it’s biggest flaw is a huge cast, and very little development. I was confused as to why he’d even be in it too. And you’re :100: in saying they can’t get to Ivy until they fill in the blanks, and we need a good Joker to do it—one I can believe Harley could love and be attracted to. (Reasons I can’t wait to read Harleen w/ everyone!) Not to mention: Ivy deserves a story too. NO more 1 dimensional villain for her, DC/WB!! :muscle: I’m over it. They haven’t even met yet, which is why I really will SCREAM if there’s even a hint of plant lady in the new SS. LOL

Who’s your favorite live action Joker, btw? I don’t think I’ve ever asked. I’m very partial to Joaquin Phoenix and :sunglasses: Jack.


Truth. :seedling: It’s hard to wait for it, but if I can provide a glimmer of hope, it’s just that I think this is inevitable. Someday, there will be a Poison Ivy movie. I think Harley/Ivy is really taking off in popularity and that will be the major thing the studio needs to see before they want to market to that audience. So, onward and upward.

It’s Jack :100: and has been since I was a child :joy_cat: I just think he had the perfect classic Joker characterization. He ticks all the boxes. 40’s-style gangster, clown, wacky weapons, disguises, hilarious crimes, costume, and deadly. It’s good for me. AND he is extremely quotable.

I may have told this story before, but I was born in September 1988 so I never saw Batman '89 in theaters originally. I did get an opportunity to see it in theaters a handful of years ago, because my local cinema plays old movies in the summer. I jumped at the chance. I was one of a grand total of two people in the entire theater that afternoon. IT WAS SO GOOD. The picture itself wasn’t super high-def but hearing the music and score through the cinema sound system was fantastic. I think I was grinning throughout the entire movie. Best cinema experience.


@iJest :seedling::raised_hands: Yes! As for watching old movies: love that! I kinda like old theaters, so I never mind as long as it’s clean. My thought is: ‘Surround sound/4K/whatever’ doesn’t magically give a movie a PLOT or give the actors talent. :wink:
Glad you got a chance to see that one in a theater. I never have—did get a chance to see Batman Returns the same way (afternoon, empty local theater, great movie) Loved the experience. :catwoman_hv_2: :purple_heart:


Batman Returns was another integral part of my childhood, so I would absolutely love that. Danny Elfman’s score in that movie as well, would have been very moving to hear like that I’m sure. Makes me want to invest in a good sound system for my house, actually xD I can re-create the experience.


@Razzzcat and @iJest-

“Admiring your handiwork?” :purple_heart: :+1: