Harley’s Crew 📺 WATCH-ALONG! 💥 BATMAN: TAS S1 E22, E34 & E46! 💥 MONDAY 11/9 @ 7PM PST/10PM EST

Howdy Crew! :hugs: Firstly, thank you all for joining us on our great re-watch of the incomparable and impetuous Harley Quinn series! Of course, for many of us this was not a show but an experience, and we will be very very sad until Season 3. But in order to alleviate some of that sadness, hopefully, Harley’s Crew is embarking on a new secret mission! :nerd_face:

Put on your best harlequin outfit as we rewind the tape back to the awesome 1990s and follow the early career of one Harley Quinn throughout the animated series set in the DCAU right here on DC UNIVERSE!


Tonight’s mission: her first three appearances:

Joker’s Favor (9/11/1992): 22 min

When a timid accountant accidentally runs afoul of the Joker, he promises the Joker anything if the villain will only let him go.

Hit Play at 7/10 PM on the dot!

The Laughing Fish (1/10/1993): 22 min

The Joker becomes enraged when the Gotham copyright office rejects his demand for a copyright for his grinning Joker fish.

Hit Play at 7:25/10:25 PM on the dot!

Almost Got 'Im (11/10/1992): 22 min

While hiding from the police, Batman’s deadliest enemies exchange stories about their mutual nemesis–Batman.

Hit Play at 7:50/10:50 PM on the dot!

Be ready to hit PLAY at the moment of truth and if you get lost—we got you. Just ask and we’ll get you on track.
TV-PG, Runtime: 72 minutes.

Contact @Razzzcat @Mae or @hashtag-goodtobejo if you have any questions.


I’m in definitely :+1:.


Man, when you list her appearances like that, it’s no wonder that Harley got as big as she is now – the first stories she was in were absolute classics. :smiley:


Next to ‘Shadow Of The Bat’ parts 1&2, this BTAS episode is one of my most favorite of all time as it finds its roots in one of my most fave comics based storyline runs of all time. As everyone probably knows TLF was adapted from the classic Steve Englehart written/Marshall Rogers drawn two-part story of the same name published in Detective Comics #475 and #476 back in 1978.

There are however some interesting bits of info regarding this classic B’Man V Joker story that might not be as well known within the comics fandom.

Detective Issues 475 and 476 Fun Facts:

  • TLF story is a building block that’s part of a larger story construct taking place over several Detective issues by Englehart and Rogers (along with Walt Simonson) that featured the reemergence of classic B’Man baddies Deadshot, the Penguin, and Dr. Hugo Strange.

  • It was also during the Englehart and Rogers/Simonson run that the characters Rupert Thorne, Dr. Phosphorus, and Silver St. Cloud were introduced into the DC storyline universe. Silver has an important storyline arc in issues 475 and 476 as well.

  • Englehart and Rogers’ work on TLF was a primary resource used by Batman 89 screenwriters Warren Skarren and Sam Hamm when developing the script for B’Man’s big 1980s era feature film debut.

I absolutely love this pair of books, so much so that after a seemingly endless search through scads of comic store on hand inventories I was fortunate to be able to add these two comics to my collection back in 2003. As far as my fave B’man artists go there’s a three-way tie between Marshall Rogers/Norm Breyfogle/Brian Bolland and to date I still can’t divine an overall favorite from the group.

If you’d like to get a leg up on the source material that was used for this BTAS episode you can read it here at DCU:


Sooo looking forward to these BTAS WALs and am sending big ups to @Razzzcat and @Mae for taking us back in time for this fun look at B’Man’s back in the day animated series exploits and to @hashtag-goodtobejo for his ever-diligent work on the compilations that he builds for the Harley’s Crew reading lists. You all ROCK!
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Seconded – if someone here likes the episode, they should definitely check out the Englehart/Rogers run. DCU has a Storyline that links all the issues Rogers drew in one place.

And if you don’t mind the mild plug, we covered the story over at the World of Bats earlier this year, if you read it and want to share your thoughts. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the recos, @DC89 and @Jay_Kay! :hugs:


Ditto :purple_heart:


Hiya Crew! :hugs:

In recent weeks we sorta spontaneously seem to have gotten into the habit of having a fun little music party every Friday night in our upcoming WAL thread, usually around some theme or topic. Well, tonight I wanted to make that tradition official.

I’m known around here as somewhat of an amateur DJ and I do love music, all kinds of music. I love sharing music with people, and I love equally as much when people share music with me! I was thinking of a theme for tonight’s party and figured that as we’re rewinding back and looking at Harley’s beginnings in the early Nineties, well what would have your typical radio station been playing around the time Joker’s Favor premiered in September of 1992?

Now, this won’t be any typical radio station, mind you. I’ve prepared a specially curated and hand-crafted artisanal playlist exclusively for Harley’s Crew members! This will feature songs from '91 and '92, and I’m trying to keep things as eclectic as possible. As someone whose formative years were around this time as well, many of these songs and this time period are forever burned in my soul.

I hope you enjoy it and I will see you all later tonight! :dancer: :purple_heart:


this is super cool! :smiley: i can’t wait to listen!


@Mae- you are the awesomest. :grinning: I’ll def be here tonight for some more of you super cool DJ stylings. Yep! :dancer::notes: :level_slider: :control_knobs: :headphones:


That little kid’s totally stealing my dance moves! :open_mouth:




Me when @Mae brings the tunage… :cat2:


I’ll be plugging in my Walkman soon! :hugs:


Welcome to another Harley’s Crew Friday Night party! :raised_hands:

You always wanna kick things off in a big way, and this feels epically appropriate: