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Not much to say here except…

This was a great episode. Perfect season closer. I’m glad Harils rescued Supes. GC Sirens, yay! It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the resurrected Nightwing. And the dedication to Arlleen Sorkin…:face_holding_back_tears:



Awesome™:+1: finale

The dedication at the start was great.

Harley gets joker but can’t do it. And Ivy finding out what her business life leads to. Greta battled with Lex and nice moments between H&P when the realize they can be outside the box as anti heroes or anti villains.

Now steppenwolf has Lex captured. The moons cracked. A lot of businesses destroyed. Looks like Clayface’s game has ended. And the Bat is back (poor Alfred​:laughing:)

Then the end with the sirens form and Babs in in her Oracle mode. Fun with the BoP joke :sweat_smile:.

Seems like Lex was the bad this season possibly Talia next with that tease. And Nightwing is he getting the Red Hood like treatment :thinking:.

Overall was a nice season. Fun laughs and a lot of new characters. Cool seeing Tefe and the Bane pasta adventure was great. H&P had some great stuff too. Definitely felt a bit stuffed with trying to fill in two new teams in the time they had but still enjoyed the season. Exited for Kite man and exited S5. Hopefully it gets renewed.


The season has come to close. Overall, this was a pretty good season…but I do think it is the weakest of the show so far. Clayface and King Shark were relegated to cameo appearances and I could feel their absence. I probably wouldn’t have as much if the show replaced them with equally as entertaining characters. But the show didn’t do that. On Harley’s side we have the Bat Family - but aside from Babs, I just don’t this interpretation of these characters. Damian, Dick, & Bruce worked better in very small doses as opposed to full supporting characters. Now on Ivy’s side, we do have a few characters that seem to be good replacements but they aren’t utilized nearly enough.

Also, let’s talk Ivy. By the end of the season, I picked up that Ivy’s journey is supposed to mirror Harley’s - wanting to join an established group to reinvent themselves and the group itself but finding that they just don’t fit into preconceived notions of what they should be. I actually like that story idea for Ivy, but the show could have done a better job clarifying that was what is supposed to happen for her.

There were a couple other things that felt off or out of place (time travel episode, potato clone, sudden sleep walking). But again, the season is still pretty good and funny.


Season 3 is number 17 on the disk sales last week with a 3 index. Just barely above the second Paw Patrol movie.


I need more Frank.


Cass is already part of this canon as of Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: Legion of Bats!.


The show has contradicted the tie-in comics before, so I wouldn’t call something happening in the comics precluding or influencing anything from the show.


Yeah, I don’t really consider the comics part of the shows canon for that reason.


Dear @DC89,
Hey, buddy. :hugs: :purple_heart: Wanted to take a sec, since I don’t know what you’ve heard, and all manner of things might be swirling around in your head. Obviously, I don’t want to spoil anything else that happens, but I fully understand you. So! I will say it’s not quite what you might be thinking. The whole thing was sudden and very unexpected, but super quick—like a bandaid (that’s why I was all WAIT, WTF just happened?!) Then, she’s right back behind the wheel :muscle: being every bit as awesome as we know she is—made me laugh, as well. I felt proud of her. Harley and Gordo, too. Personally, I think they dealt with it really well (considering other ways :expressionless: it’s been done) and set her up for some pretty awesome things to come.

Just like having to accept that :black_joker: will always be a part of Harley’s history and Jason Todd’s history, this is also part of BG’s history. It’s something that binds them. :diamonds: :00_robin: :birds_of_prey_club_oracle: They made it through, and didn’t let that twisted a55hole win—that’s the way I see it. :purple_heart: I find it best to not focus on the “how”, but instead focus on what there is to gain. And I’d say all 3 of them are magnificent. :clinking_glasses: One is even the newest member of a prestigious lineup to boot…among other developments. :eyes::peach:

Also, while I’m here—gotta say, peeps: I’m w/ Ivy. It has a nice ring to it n’ all, but :poisonivy_hqas: “it’s no Cobb Squad”.

(She just doesn’t want to be the only one who gets a tattoo again. :laughing: :rose: Poor Ivy. This is why she’s has trust issues!)


(Just playing catch up in here now that I’ve finish Sn.4. Don’t mind me. :innocent:)

@Chain_Twix One one the things I love about this show is how it bends the characters and puts them in unexpected situations—doing totally normal (or sometimes ridiculous lol) things, or like w/ Ivy, letting her grow into the more confident Dr. Isley we’re more familiar with. I personally have felt she’s always had a certain amount of insecurity and nerdiness underneath, so I love this version of her. :green_heart:. Bane in this show is fantastic. AGREE.


Poet laureate of cursewordinisting—if it were a thing :eyes: let’s pretend it is.

Hey there @Nights :wave: Welcome! I like it too, and agree it’s classier. I’m really enjoying the Harley-bat look this season too.


@Arrchenemy :face_with_monocle: This is factual. I want 100% more Frank. And more King.



Welcome, btw :hugs: You too, @punkie. Nice to see you again! :harleys_crew:


It’s real if we say it is. :grinning: B as in____, M as in _______ had me rolling! I like the new team too. :00_harley_quinn: :ivy_kiss: :catwoman_hv_1: :birds_of_prey_club_oracle:




OMG I’m sooo late on this- didn’t see the @ until last night. My bad Queen @Razzzcat. :disappointed: :confounded:

This is def encouraging. :relieved:

I’m still working on this. Hopefully I’ll get there. :crossed_fingers:

:purple_heart: :green_heart:

Thank you so much for this post, Queen. You went out of your way here to help take the edge off and this is a testament to why I :purple_heart: you sooo very much. :smiley:
:hugs: :purple_heart:


Well, we can always just say they’re both true because of hypertime.


This is my favorite DC animated show next to Batman the Animated Series.


:smiley: :+1:
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Hey there @H22! :wave::smile: Welcome! :harleys_crew: It would be an understatement to say how much I love this show. Feel free to drop any other thoughts you might have—don’t be shy. :green_heart: See ya soon.



I know it’ll be a while before we see this but still amazing to get the confirmation! :00_harlivy:


Awesome™:+1: can’t wait to see what they have in store