Harley’s Crew | Book Club Wks 39 & 40: Harley Quinn 20-32

So far I’ve only read up to the end of Kesel’s run and it was cool. The stuff of Harley in hell was cool, I especially liked how they shouted out and used some other dead villains like Terra, as well as showed how her guile and compassion was what ultimately freed her.

The two parter with Martian Manhunter was also pretty cool. I wonder if any of this is from the John Ostrander run of MM? I need to give that a whirl someday.

And finally, the issue(s)(?) with Batman and Joker were cool, it was fun to see her sort of play them both.


Welcome @Walker! :raised_hands: :tada: No worries on being late—whenever you’re ready, we’d love to know whatcha thought! :purple_heart:


Welcome @Walker!!! Glad to have ya’. Hope you’re enjoying the read. Sorry I tied u in @Razzzcat. Just getting back & catching up on messages.