Harley’s Crew | Book Club Wks 35 & 36: Harley Quinn: Black+White+Red 11-17

Hey everybody! More issues of this awesome little anthology series have landed in our library—you know what to do. :open_book: :coffee:

Harley Quinn: Black+White+Red 11-17

We’ll take the first week (4/12-4/18) to read, then discuss during the second week (4/19-4/25).

Which was your favorite issue? Favorite artist? Why don’t they make more anthology series? And :harleyquinn_hqas: ‘What really is the perfect wood for a baseball bat?’ The answers to these Qs are not only welcome, but expected, so don’t be shy.:diamonds::black_heart: See ya soon!

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:harley_hv_3: Would you recommend this series?

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My favorite was when she join the Legion Of Doom and back talk Lex and standing up for herself and Bane. That was really good story. :harley_classichqtas:


Hey! Thanks for coming by @Reaganfan78! :purple_heart:That’s definitely a good one! Have you read the rest of the series at all? I like the whole anthology set up. I hope they do more!


Yup I have read the rest of the series, I’m always looking forward to seeing new books being released on here. It’s probably has to be my favorite Harley Quinn series.:slightly_smiling_face:


Me too! It’s one of my :harley_hv_1: favorites.


I decided to skip the holiday issues :eyes:…just FYI.


Been a little behind on reading these, but the nice thing about them is that they can go pretty quick. My thoughts so far on the ones I’ve reread:

Issue 11 is fun – Si Spurrier really highlights Harley’s intelligence and outside the box thinking in how Harley would hypothetically take out the biggest hitters of the DCU. As much as I hate to say one is my “favorite” since they’re such bad ends, I did like the Wonder Woman one best, if only because of how it referrences the look of Hades and Persephonie from the New 52 run of Wonder Woman, which I think a lot of people sleep on in terms of great Wonder Woman runs. The art by Otto Schmidt is gorgeous as well – he totally needs a big ongoing book.

Issue 12 was fun, if a little bittersweet, since this was essentially the last work from Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner along with Harley Quinn & The Birds of Prey, and it kind of feels like a “last days romp.” Lot of good humored gags both poking fun and having fun with superhero tropes with great art by Chad Hardin.


Just went through issue 13 real quick, and it was pretty good. The writer, Patrick Schumacker, talked about the making of this issue a while back on the Word Balloon podcast (I think I might have liked it on the main HC thread around that time) and it was interesting hearing him talk about his first time really writing comics.

He talked about how he had to change certain scenes specifically with the middle scenes with Bane, not so much because of content, but to make it more interesting for the artist to draw, which is why we have him and Harley talking at the gym or while doing ballet.

One thing he did say that DC asked him to change was that in the initial scene with Luthor talking about the Legion of Doom’s optics problem in the beginning, he initially talked about photos of Legion members with Jeffrey Epstein, which DC thought was just a little too controversial, so he changed it to Mike Cohen instead.


I’m late once again, but here we go! Some of my favorite panels:

The Batwoman cameo in #11 was fun, and I really enjoyed how it showed Harley thinking on her feet, and capitalizing on her signature look. :harley_hv_1: Stellar artwork, too. the most dynamic on this round. A+!!

#12 Almost forgot I needed Harley in a cape in my life! The team was great too, and the issue is just more proof Conner & Palmiotti are one of the best things to happen to Harley.

#13 LOD GYM—nuff said. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Great sparring scene w/ Bane, and Harley laying down the law w/ the suits.


Almost forgot: Issue 14 was a bit sad. Watching Harley put up w/ the Joker being an a-hole creep is never fun, but atleast here she sees he’s toxic and not good for her, so :pray:t3: :diamonds: loved the art here— made it move quickly…my other fave in the group, I think.

Would love more issues. More anthology series in general, actually.