Harley’s Crew | Book Club Wks 33 & 34: Suicide Squad April Fools Special/Harley Quinn 17-19

Hey everybody! Since it’s April Fools this week:
Welcome to “Evil Anonymous”, a new support group for troubled villains, where NO problem is too big or too deranged for Dr. Quinzel to use against you handle. :diamonds:

(Curious what the catch is? :eyes:)
Suicide Squad April Fools Special 1

We’ll also be returning to Harley’s first solo series! When we last left Harley & Ivy, they had moved to Metropolis, and just met Bizzaro. What could possible go wrong? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Harley Quinn (2000) 17-19
(If you missed our previous reading, the entire Metropolis storyline is Issues 14-19)

We’ll spend the first week reading (3/29–4/4), then discuss on the second week (4/5–4/11). Good, bad, or ugly—don’t be shy. Drop your thoughts below when you’re ready!

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Link to our previous Harley Quinn (2000) reading for anyone who might be interested:

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I tend to love pretty much everything I read DC wise. But all of those SS specials (imho) were awesome :sunglasses:. I’ll need to reread that HQ 17-19 it’s probably been since not long after it came out, since I’ve inhaled that. To go off subject for one second. The new issues of HQ Black + White + Red were delicious :yum:. One of the very 1st panels, with Ivy talking about cornflakes encapsulates why I love the art in those sooo much. I’ll reread those HQs #17-#19 & give some feedback. Spoiler alert. I’m gonna love it :blush:


Ummm…so I just went to read #17-#19. Somehow I’ve never read this comic, period, besides the crossover issues. Underworld Unleashed etc. I can’t believe it. I’m so excited. I read #14-#19 for the full arc. But this is the 1st time ever on here- that I won’t be rereading a book club event!!! I so want to finish em today but I’ll behave. I’ll read #1-#13 & leave the rest for read alongs. :0_harley_quinn: :0_poison_ivy_tas: :0_poison_ivy_bombshells:


The following post was made on April 1st so there may be some Bizarro speaking as Bizarro.ajm08g was here. :superman_hv_4:


Hello there Harley’s Crew. :wave: :sunglasses:

Me so happy you are reading about Bizarro. Will make time to also read the rest of the reading this weekend. :nerd_face:

Me enjoy reading through the Special April Fools book very much. :grin:

Me saw that these panels stuck out very much. :open_mouth:

Adding this to the scary Joker panels collection I’ve seem to been building lately… :fearful: :joker_hv_2:

Also wanted to know if Harley really did have the Evil Anonymous going, but of course I should have known Waller would not give us those details! :sweat_smile:

Well this was fun. Have good weekend Harley’s crew. :clark_hv_4:


:joy: Thank you for this @ajm08g! :purple_heart: Come back anytime, btw.


What did you think @capo-mage? :eyes: @Jay_Kay you were reading this too right?

I totally forgot about the way they landed their apartment :speak_no_evil: talk about blue-humor. Lol

And all our favorite plant needs, of course… :rose:


Ps. @ajm08g will Bizarro be returning!? :raised_hands:


Yep! I’m almost done with the Bizarro issues. :slight_smile:


Yes! And what an entrance Bizarro did have for these stories. :joy:

It was funny seeing Harley’s conscious talk to her every so often and in this instance make sure she knew how to speak to Bizarro. :joy:

Also nice to see Bizarro make so many new friends. :rofl:

It is interesting as the last few stories I have read have been introductions for Superman to Joker in Justice League Totality and then to Harley in this reading. :clark_hv_4:
And the classic logo for Superman! Well done Harley! :superman:

That did almost make sense Superman. :thinking: :superman_hv_4:

Also very interesting conversations between Jimmy and Harley. Jimmy should have also known better after all he and Harley went through to also stand by a whole in the wall in a very tall building. :0_jimmy_olsen: :harley_hv_1:

Thorn versus Ivy was also very interesting, and talk about a Bizarro Harley! :astonished: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

All in all, quite the explosion of a fun reading. :superman_hv_4:


I read it that day & told u I’d never read any of the issues except the crossover issues & didn’t realize it lol. I loved it (surprise) I actually used a ton of things for out of context chaos, fun real adds advertisements etc. so I know what u mean about blue humor. Even when they weren’t being blue I used things for out of context chaos. Are we gonna keep reading this? Cuz it’s literally the 1st thing I haven’t read & I’ll wait & read with the group. But if we aren’t I’ll inhale it.


I read 1-19 just in case we’re gonna keep reading it. I can’t believe I’ve 𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 read it b4? I started on the earliest one on here & read everything by year of release. Idk how I missed it or how idk that I missed it? At least I have something to look forward to? :0_harley_quinn:


17-19 was a lot of fun – it was neat to see Harley in such a radically different environment like Metropolis. It’s funny, because of the delay between reading issues, I kinda forgot what Harley’s beef with Jimmy Olsen was. :sweat_smile:

Also, I didn’t quite understand what Ivy’s beef was with Thorn? Was it literally because she also had a plant based name?


No pressure @Jay_Kay :purple_heart: I remembered we were in the middle of it and we had talked about finishing at least this story. Thank you for coming by!


We will be finishing it (for posterity) but we have a couple things lined up for Earth Day, catching up w/ B+W+R and Pride mixed in to that, so totally up to you if you’re all right w/ waiting. I understand if you’d rather just git it dun! You can always come by when we do read them to share your thoughts. :purple_heart: We love when you come hang out @capo-mage :raised_hands: :hugs:


Awww… I love hanging out with this group too!!! Ok, I’ll probably wait & read em with the group. @Jay_Kay since I read 1-14 yesterday & it’s fresh on my mind. Thorn snuck into Harley’s slumber party & tried to take some of them out. Than in #14-#19 Ivy had finally gotten her & I believe there was some jealousy, or remarks about her name, lol.


Sounds like a plan! :hugs: See you then!

…err…I’ll see you before then, so: See you there!


Yes indeed u will :grin:. I was so tempted to inhale those today, but there’s tons of other options to hold me over. Plus I’ll get to discuss while it’s fresh in my brain…


Okay, I’m back! Time for :boom: :00_suicide_squad2: Suicide Squad:

I liked this issue a lot. Didn’t know where it was going (even tho I :100: should have, lol!!) I liked that Harley really believed she could help people again, and wanted to go back to her Doctor duties. This scene w/ Man-Bat was great:

The art during the therapy sessions was fun, and changed gears in a good way—Harley’s cartoon version of everything, how she understands/sees her fellow bad guys. I dig it :+1::

Then things take a turn :eyes: and I loved everything about it. Points for not going down w/o a fight, Harls :muscle:, but also for this (very relevant to a Madhouse discussion from yesterday about “perspective”) scene w/ the Justice League:

Then we see what’s really going on, and I think: I should’ve known Waller was up to something! Of course this isn’t real and is only a way to understand/manipulate the team! I’ve mentioned this wasnt my first impression of Waller and while I enjoy this version, would like to see the character a touch less shady once in a while. Also OUCH! That contraption looked painful af. :grimacing: :purple_heart:

Anyone else check it out?? :eyes: See, this is when I need @TheCosmicMoth to talk SS w/ me! :wink: Hey Moth!!


Awesome! Looking forward to it @capo-mage !! :raised_hands: :hugs: Do you have a favorite HQ series?