Harley’s Crew | Book Club Wks 27 & 28: Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy 1-6

Hey @AntLeon! I really enjoyed it, too—lots to say tho! (Been waiting quite a while to read this one w/ a group). Don’t be shy sharing your thoughts, of course. It’s only mansplaining if it’s condescending or redundant, lol! :wink: Oh, and I just linked the POSV discussion in today’s announcement, btw! :+1: :partying_face: Talk soon.

Ps. Everyone: for those who might not know me, I have a bit of a thing for variant covers, and these are a couple of my faves from this series.
This first ones Joshua Middleton and was split into 2 covers :star_struck:

And this one for obvious reasons. :green_heart: (pssst @Hiraeth! Happy V-Day!)