Harley’s Crew | Book Club Wks 21 & 22: Suicide Squad 26-30

Welcome back, once again, to the Suicide Squad! Time to find out what Harley’s really up to, and who is or isn’t going to make it out alive! :eyes:

Suicide Squad 26-30

We’ll take the first week (1/4–1/10) to read, and then discuss during week two, (1/11–1/17). It’s the end of the line on this run, so loved it, hated it, didn’t get around to reading it—don’t be shy. Park your thoughts on the issues/series/team below!

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Ps! There’s a tie in for anyone interested…

Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller 1


Man, I am WAY behind on this series! :sweat_smile: I’m on issue 20 right now. Hopefully I’ll fix that soon. :slight_smile:


Me too! I suspect you, me & @TheCosmicMoth might be the only ones keeping up tho. :sweat_smile:. Which is why I hope people chime in w/ why they didn’t. :eyes: Was it timing? Didn’t interest you? Do tell…


@Razzzcat, it’s a charming, but flawed volume… Did you see my rant on the first few issues? I think there are some issues with the story telling of this Squad that made it a hard sell. I read because I’m a true believer and have no life.


That’s right! We’ve been chipping away at this so long, I forgot! :purple_heart: Also…

LOL No. Because you have a both analytical and creative mind that needs fuel! Good or bad—they both inspire! If it’s spite-reading, so be it! :joy:


@Razzzcat, LOL, I softened on the series as I kept reading… Still, I looked forward to getting to the Rebirth Squad to see how it changed after this New 52 era.

Also, thank you…


@Razzzcat Apologies for posting on this late:

There were some things I really enjoyed about these issues. I loved the Kamo vs. Omac throw-down (and I just realized now that Kamo is Omak backwards- I’m slow). But, it’s always fun when vaguely powerful entities fight. I also liked the shady origins of King Shark that were thrown into that.

(Side note. Have you ever read Jack Kirby’s Omac? It’s beautiful and eerily relevant.)

I also enjoyed that Harley betrayed the team just for the giggles (that’s so Harley- coming soon on HBO Max). Black Manta is hardcore in the epilogue…

Honestly, though, I can’t stop thinking about what was left hanging or missed by this Suicide Squad volume. What happened with Waller’s kidnapped friend? What about Basilisk? Do Waller and Gordo Jr. ever realize they were meant for each other? … There was a lot left hanging and a lot of potential that went unfulfilled.

Glad they added Harls to the team, but this is the weakest Suicide Squad volume I’ve read thus far. I will keep on reading, though. It will only get better from here.