Harley’s Crew | Book Club 36 | 🎂 Harley’s Double Quinceañera

:diamonds: Hey there, everybody! It’s September 2022, and this month marks the 30th Anniversary of the mighty and mischievous hurricane known as Harley Quinn!

:diamonds: Who would’ve thought that a once tiny character meant as a cameo on an animated series would become such an important part of not just the DC landscape, but the fabric of modern culture? Our lady, Harls has come an incredibly long way from her modest beginnings—so! You, dear reader, are cordially invited to join us for a celebration. :harley_hv_1: :tada:

First: You can find all the various Harley activities going on this month right :arrow_right: HERE.

“I’m a princess.” :black_heart: Yes you ARE, my lil peanut. Never forget it! :clinking_glasses: To YOU!

Second: For Round 1 (9/4 - 9/25) we’ll be reading Harley’s 1st canonical appearance, her latest outing with Task Force X, AND! We’ll also be joining our friends at #obscurity-of-dc-club for Gang of Harleys!

For Round 2 (9/26 - 10/15) we have the start to Harley’s anthology series (a continuation of Harleen), a Suicide Squad one-shot written by none other than John Ostrander, and the new Harley Quinn Animated Series Special.

:diamonds: This activity will be running all month long! (9/4–10/15) Read one, read ‘em all—the choice is yours!

Reading begins: Right now!

Discussion Begins: As soon as you’re ready! Have you read it before? What did you think of the dialogue, plot or artwork? Anything at all about the reading (or our B-Day girl, Harley) you’d like to discuss—don’t be shy! Drop your thoughts below. :black_heart::white_heart::heart: See ya soon!

:harleys_crew: You can join or learn more about Harley’s Crew HERE.


Community Events:

:diamonds: Harley Quinn Trivia Game

:harleyquinn_hqas: HQAS: The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham Special

:poisonivy_hqas: HQAS: Season 3 Watch Alongs

:00_batman_1986: Batman: Curse of the White Knight

:joker_hv_1: Mad Love/Harley and Ivy


I remember hearing that she wasn’t supposed to even be a recurring character and thinking how crazy it would be if they went through with that plan.

I don’t remember a lot about the gang of harleys. we go talk about it in the other post or both? I;m still new and don’t know how things work


You should talk about it in the other post. We have some discussion questions there and a fun crossword!


I don’t want to comprehend a world without her, tbh. :harley_hv_2: :diamonds: And as @Jurisdiction mentioned, you can go to the dedicated OOCD thread to discuss GoH.


It’s been on my list for a while, :flushed: but I’ve never read that first appearance! This is a good excuse to get it done. :birthday:


I remembered this from last summer.


Let us know what you thought when you get a chance! I enjoyed it. Definitely a good intro, imo. I like it more than some of her other outings before this one—captures her core intentions and personality really well.

I think one of my favorite parts is Harley making hand puppets w/ the Bat-signal :laughing:

Have you read Gang of Harley’s? If so, come play! :green_heart: You can click this: #obscurity-of-dc-club


I have! I’ll try to come by. I was just reading. I’m glad she went with the jester outfit, even if I’m not the biggest fan of it.

Makes me think we should keep her B-day going the rest of the year.


thanks! I’ll give the crossword a shot too. see how terrible I do lol.

I have another nfg question. are these the same as the label bubbles at the top?


Yes they are! Putting a “#” before any tag/category will link that category/tag


You don’t like the middle one?! :laughing: I really liked her costume in White Knight, :00_suicide_squad2: (all of them), Bombshells, Arkham City…her new one is growing on me, too. Do you have a favorite?

:laughing: nfg. We all have to be that person at some point—no worries! :purple_heart: I know the bubbles are mostly for notifications, but I think they’re awesome for navigating.


I accidentally clicked one lol been wanting to read more black label, I’m going to try Blaze.


Awesome! :purple_heart: Let us know whatcha think!

While I’m here, anyone pick this up? :eyes:

I ordered this too— should be arriving this week. :package:

And if anyone here likes trivia: :00_harley_quinn:


:rofl: Margot Robbie is literally perfect for Harley.


I didn’t yet. I think Harleen, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, Black White and Red, and Old Lady Harley are my favorites.


Oooh, I :purple_heart: Harleen. :face_with_monocle: Excellent choice! BW&R too! All of those anthologies are fun. Do you have a fave issue of BW&R?

And yes! Ms. Robbie crushes it.


Any one of her movie costumes, her comic look after 2016 that they used in Fortnite is great. Everyone in Bombshells looked great, and I like Breaking Glass a lot.

I started Suicide Squad Blaze. The movies are fun, but I haven’t found a squad comic I like yet. This one isn’t bad, but it feels a little misleading so far.

I saw it was red-head appreciation day yesterday, so I brought this. :blush: It’s got three characters I know you will appreciate too. :yellow_heart:


She is! That’s how I hear her when I read now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Saw this while snooping today too [World of Bats] Gotham City Sirens #1-7 "Union"