Harley’s Crew | Book Club 32 | Spotlights: Bumblebee/ Vixen/ Amanda Waller

Hey there, @Harleys-Crew, and welcome!
We’ve got a special edition mixed bag for this round in honor of (something that should happen 365 days a year) :heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::black_heart: Black History Month.

Some of our club activities and discussions (DCSHG, Suicide Squad, HQAS:EBK) may have inspired a few to think :thought_balloon: Hey, I’d like to know more about that character, or creator! (Or maybe you’d just like to discuss how awesome they are!) If that sounds like you, well, we have got you covered. :sunglasses: Let’s roll…

You know the drill: We’ll take the first 2 weeks to read (2/6-2/20), then discuss during weeks 3 & 4 (2/21- 3/6).
Have you read them before? What did you think of the dialogue, plot or artwork? Do you have a favorite version or interesting trivia for one of these characters? Anything about this month’s :point_up_2:reading or :point_down:material (or characters) you’d like to discuss—drop your thoughts below when you’re ready. :diamonds::black_heart: See ya soon!

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Additional :00_dc_bhm: info for ya:

:00_dc_2016: Making Their Mark: Five Iconic Black DC Creators | DC

:00_dc_2016: The History of Bumblebee: DC’s First African American Superheroine | DC

:00_dc_2016: Stories For Change | DCUI COMMUNITY

:honeybee: Bumblebee | DC
:0_vixen: Vixen | DC
:00_suicide_squad2: Amanda Waller | DC


:dc: Creators in our library:

:books: Tee Franklin

:harleys_crew: HQAS Book Discussion Thread

:books: NK Jemisin

Aaand a rad song that popped into my head as soon as I typed that. :notes::metal::dancer:t2:



I love everything about this thread! Can’t wait to dig in ;D


Tee F. is our maven. She brought our girls back to us while we wait for season 3. :purple_heart: :00_harlivy:

She’s pure

:smiley: :harleys_crew:


Karen! :purple_heart:




Zoe looks so good as Catwoman in the new Batman!!! Those other history of the DC Universe comics are incredible btw…


Definitely! I wish there were more, tbh. :purple_heart: Thanks for coming by capo!

The layouts/panels for each issue are pretty awesome. Makes for a super fast read, and says some poignant things. I had waited on this issue, and turns out its more about Mal Duncan than Karen, but that’s okay! Still really good! A+

I’m working in Check Mate and need Vroom to know, btw. :smile: okay bye. I’ll be back!


puts on his “G.I. Joe nerd since he was 7” t-shirt then says

“Now I know!”


You’re the reason I bumped it up on my list @Vroom :eyes: Just a reminder. :laughing::purple_heart:


I…I am?

takes off the G.I. Joe shirt, then puts on his “I’m drawing a blank, could you please refresh my memory on what we were talking about?” t-shirt

Its in a small font, but it looks nice. Check out the stitching. You don’t get this kind of a tee out of a comic book, no ma’am!

I have many a custom tee. :smirk:


Anytime!!! Your reading Checkmate? Is that what u were saying? If so, good decision & @Vroom won’t ever steer u wrong…it’s great. I need to read the older ones yet :disappointed: I love every character in it. The Black Knight to Queen etc. gets a little confusing to me. Should’ve kept up with chess? But the crossovers in it I’ve read. OMAC etc. I love Jessica Midnight & Sasha Bordeaux. Loved her in all the Bruce Wayne Fugitive & previous & following storylines. She’s a big character in OMAC too!!! Hope u enjoy. I’m sure u are. The new Checkmates are great too!!!


Where u at @Razzzcat? Nobody wants to talk to me & idk where the cool kids hang out these days? Did u see see new season of The Flight Attendant coming…?

My mom wants me to have friends…


GASP! That’s impossible! You’re CAPO!! THE @capo-mage!! Everybody wants to talk to you! :purple_heart: And that means wherever YOU are is where the cool-kids are—fact! :woman_judge:t2: That is my final ruling.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :hugs:

I did see we’re getting more Flight Attendant, btw! Sometime this Spring, I believe. :tada: And hopefully we’ll get Sn3 of HQAS in time for Harley’s double-quinceañera in the Fall, too! :harleyquinn_hqas: :harley_hv_1: :harleys_crew:


Here’s this btw, everyone :coffee:

:eyes: The Vixen series is pretty good so far, btw…


And yes! It’s slow-going, but I finally started :sweat_smile:


:hugs: 𝗬𝗢𝗨’𝗥𝗘 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗕𝗘𝗦𝗧!!! Ty, @Razzzcat, great answer lol. I can’t wait for HQ & Flight Attendant. I really need to do Checkmate…it’s slow, b/c it’s a lot of black knights queen etc. like playing chess while reading haha. It’s totally worth it tho- from what I’ve gathered from the crossovers involved in it? I still need to read the in between issues tho…


I’m still confizzled (isn’t that a rad word, BTW?) by Checkmate and your associating it with me, Lady Isley.

Did I recommend it to you, at some point? I haven’t read the current volume yet, so IDK how I’d recommend it…

Did I mention it in a prior conversation, and I’m drawing a blank?

Are you associating Checkmate with me, just to playfully diddle around and make me say “Huh?”

Because if so, that’s totally cool. :sunglasses: :superman_hv_3: