Harley Quinn Trailer is Here!


Are we getting 3 episodes every friday like how DC universe did with young justice?

Oh you bet I’m gonna check this show out! :smiley:

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I will have the tacos and soda ready its gonna get lit

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Probably not. As Young Justice was a 26 episode season

Hi I’m new on here and I can’t wait for Harley Quinn to take action on DC universe I gonna enjoy it I promise :blush:


Fingers crossed you guys don’t cancel it after the 1st Ep airs! :clinking_glasses: cheers

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No comparison. I guarantee you.

Nope. One episode per week.

This is why DC universe is disappointing, they’re able to make literally anything with such a wide range of un-used characters that they could make amazing content with but instead consciously choose to make sub par projects on over saturated properties that they think will be successful off of notoriety alone. A question show would be absolutely amazing but DC is apparently only interested in making Batman and Superman related content. Like would one Green Lantern animated movie or show kill them?

I really didn’t like the show. Too much F this and F that, plus Commissioner Gordon isn’t dumb. I don’t think this one will last.