Harley Quinn to Premiere in October?

Today I came across the second article in two days to mention that Harley Quinn’s new animated series is scheduled for October (mid-October, in fact).

At first, I just chalked it up to over-enthusiastic comics reporters looking for clicks, but when the second source popped up, I started to wonder. I certainly don’t remember any official DCU/WB source mentioning this during the weekend, but news sometimes trickles out slowly after the tidal wave that is SDCC. Post-panel interviews sometimes reveal new information, so I suppose this is possible.

I mean, I kind of figured we’d get the full run of Titans (10? 11? Episodes) and then HQ would pop up in November to take its slot, taking us through to 2020 and Stargirl.

But hey, sooner is better if this is true. Maybe Tuesdays to take YJ’s place?

Here’s the second article that mentioned it; I can’t remember where I saw the first.


I was assuming that it would be on Tuesdays with shorter eps like Young Justice as well