Harley Quinn: Then and Now

THEN: Kenner, 1997
NOW: McFarlane, 2020

Harley has long been my favorite female DC Character! :slightly_smiling_face::heart::black_heart::heart::black_heart::heart::black_heart:


Harley has been my favorite female DC character since her first appearance in the Animated series, she was my first animated lady “crush” When i was a kid haha


Same here lol!

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Harley has been my favorite character since 2016. I have done many cosplays have her prop gun and bat. two buildabears, my bedding is even Harley themed and much much more. im so invested in her character development and attitude


Cool comparison of two cool fgures.

I 'member when one of the first places to get the Kenner Harley was Blockbuster Video. They hardly ever carried toys and the like, but they got her assortment from The Adventures of Batman and Robin as a tie-in to Batman & Robin, likely for it’s home video release.

Go figure (literally and figuratively).

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I liked Harley back in the animated series, and then just the arkham and Injustice video games.

I just couldn’t get used to the whole psycho girl gone good but still psycho persona. But after watching BOP, the animated series, and currently reading 2016 comic series, she’s finally grown on me.

But I still prefer her as a villain :scarecrowlaughhqtas: and her sweet red and black costume :harley_classichqtas:


Yup. Harley has been a favorite since the Bat Animated Series. I wish I had started a Harley collection earlier. Now I trying to get one started.


Harley Quinn is and probably always will be my fav female supervillain