Harley Quinn show costume design

So Harley Quinn’s costume design on the new show is black and red, with a diamond and a star. She also favors a baseball bat painted black with a red star.

I love the design, and was hoping if anyone had more info on the creators’ thought process for it. To me it really evokes punk anarchist/anarcho-syndicalist imagery (red star on black background). Anyone else noticed/saw/felt that?


To be honest, I think that a lot of the thought process behind it is probably sex appeal. The diamond always reminds me of playing card suits, although the star doesn’t really fit with that. I felt like the baseball bat is probably there because she’s usually depicted using an acrobatic fighting style, and that’s hard to reconcile with a massive, two-handed maul.

The current design is definitely very stylish.
And after reading your comment I can see that it might have been a fusion of a playing card theme (for the diamond), manic pixie dream girl (hence the star, and bright colorful hair dye). The red and black are always solid style choices and fits with the card theme.
But if indeed the red black color scheme and the star is playing symbolic/thematic double duty (also referencing punk/anarchy/syndicalism) that would also be very cool.

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