Harley Quinn Season 2!

Anyone have any hopes of what they would like to see for season 2?


I’d like to see Harley get another new costume and new characters


Ivy and Psycho hook up for an episode or two, then break it off but maintain a friendship and respect for each other.

Then Ivy gets back with Kiteman and Psycho hooks up with a character TBD.

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Alfred and Damian reacting to Batman’s MIA status

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Come up with your own ideas the first season was great but we need to hurry and get a second season going I am impatient

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I’d like to see Zatanna, Cassie Cain, Spoiler. They had a lot of JL & other characters. Said they broke out the DC encyclopedia for it. I’m hoping to see some rare characters. The ones I mentioned just personally like to see & Huntress.

The end of Season 1 was a No Man’s Land setup, and I’d really like to see Season 2 lean into that.

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Since Kiteman and Ivy are an item…I’d like to see Tool enter the picture. He follows Harley around like a little puppy.

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I’ve seen it suggested multiple times that Season 2 will be a riff on No Mans Land. I have little reason to believe this other than the lack of superheroes and Gotham in ruins, but it WOULD be pretty bad ass