Harley Quinn S2, E9 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

We’re having a Bachelorette party on Themyscira and ANYTHING can happen…and, man, does it!

We had catty faux-friends (one who is literally part cat), lots of alcohol, alcohol-induced decisions (wink, wink), and exotic dancers…sounds like a stereotypical Bachelorette party. Oh, but this one also had nefarious plans, murder, mayhem, and environmental terrorism because THAT’S how Harls and Ivy party!

Let’s not forget Kite Man’s “rocking” party! I mean that puzzle was NUTS!

If you haven’t watched episode 9 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


i was convinced that harley and ivy were going to get together in this show
not anymore


I want Ivy and Harley, cause they have an awesome connection. It hurt when she left with Kite Man


Poor Harley cannot catch a break :broken_heart:

Again…last two mins of the episode crush my heart and soul


I’m proud of her for telling Ivy though. I really thought she would never do that. I feel like the groundwork is being set for Ivy leaving him at the altar. The way the boys on the boat looked at him when he said him and Ivy were true love said a lot. Also the complete juxtaposition from what Harley would offer: adventure, murder, and saving the environment vs Kiteman’s: let’s go home and sit on the couch watching TV for 6 hours. Ivy also basically admitted she had feelings for Harley when she got off the plane so I still have hope.

Episode was funny as ■■■■ aside from my heart being ripped to shreds at the end.


They are. The whole King Shark at the end thing was to kinda start putting the knife to the Kite Man thing


There must always be drama, but damn that was so good then heartbreaking


I mean, Ivy wasn’t wrong about what she said, Harley.


Ivy definitely has feelings for Harley, otherwise they wouldn’t have had sex, twice. But it’s a matter of trust, and Ivy doesn’t trust Harley not to leave her. Which is dumb, because clearly she’ll always be there for Ivy, I think Harley will do something at the wedding to get Ivy to choose


“A four time thing within a two time thing”… I see you Harley :eyes:


COME ON KIVY! You can do it! (With Ivy/Harley on the side)

Great Episode! Heartfelt and funny

We finally got a King Shark Episode! Who could say no to King Daddy??? :kinghsark_grinhqtas:
Frank finally showed up again!
The Lobster. The second it spoke I knew there would be a song…
Poor Mr. Freeze… Nora seems happy
Jen is Vicious in a fight
Catwoman is amazing I see why Ivy likes her
Hope Little Lex gets better!

Harley and Ivy will work all this out, I just hope it doesn’t end the KIvy Marriage
Such a fun episode, the Bachelor party was NUTS!

Harley needs a hug…


I loved this!!! 100% something is going to go down at the wedding. I think kite man might call it off since they foreshadowed it on the boat!

Who else thinks the teaser image is dr psycho?!?


I can’t believe they made a whole song about pooping in the ocean. Now we wait to see if Ivy actually goes through with the wedding to Kite Man.


You shouldn’t have killed joker now you have no one to ban*


I agree! Like she was ride or die, insanely committed to Joker for YEARS. And that was a horrible, abusive relationship. Where does Ivy get off thinking Harley would be anything but the most committed, loyal partner on the planet? She basically wrote the book on it.


You’re definitely right. Because you can tell she actually cares about Ivy. They don’t have anything close to an abusive relationship like the one she had with Joker. The way she looked at Ivy when she went away with Kite Man, hurt the most. How she was trying not to cry and Ivy glanced away


Joker isn’t dead.


The references to ‘The Little Mermaid’ was great, especially the song about why it’s great to live under the sea. I think Ivy definitely isn’t going to end married.


Great episode as always.

Anyone getting Sebastian vibes from The Little Mermaid? King Shark A for effort on the wedding front

Now for the ding of f*** nuts Harley/Ivy get it together.

Harley finally telling Ivy she loves her…only to get her heart ripped out :pleading_face:

“I trust you with my life, but I don’t trust you with my heart” :broken_heart:

Also, I am so here for the cobb squad.

Wonder what happens next.

:harley_wideeyehqtas: :poison_eyebrowhqtas:


Well guys and gals, another awesome episode. So many super things in this one. Shark’s focus was taken straight from the comics, which shows the writers do their homework. This wonderful show proves what I’ve always believed -there is so much material to work with to make great stories if you just pay attention. The Little Mermaid spoof was hysterical. The running gag with the invisible vehicles and the birds was great. Eris, the goddess of discord and Ares’s daughter, selling out the Amazons to Luthor in Wonder Woman 's absence was terrific. The strip club headed up by Maxie Zeus who then hooked up with Nora. Jennifer kicking butt on the mind-controlled Amazons. Ivy’s tattoo. The boys waiting for Shark to return to finish the puzzle. So many great moments.
Of course I felt for Harley, but ivy was very mature in her reason for staying with Kite Man. Even though I know ivy and Harley will get together, this episode didn’t feel like a deliberate stalling to pad out the season. It felt organic, something many many other forms of entertainment lack. Kudos to the creative team for making this show one of the best reasons to subscribe. I anxiously await next week’s episode. Awesome show.