Harley Quinn S2, E4 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

There’s a Freeze sweeping through New Gotham and Harley and Crew aim to thaw it out with their newly acquired flamethrower. Well, most of the crew, at least, since Ivy is looking at wedding venues with her fiance, Kite Man!

Let us be the first to say, “OMG, Ivy is getting MARRIED to Kite Man! What?”

It’s very fitting though that Harley goes after Mr. Freeze while dealing with the knowledge of Ivy’s upcoming nuptials because the love story that is Mr. Freeze and his wife, Nora, is one of the best-known loves in DC Comics.

If you haven’t watched episode 4 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


MAN!!! What an incredible show. Kite man is a bridezilla. Love how Mr. Freeze went out of his way to not say Insane Clown Posse lol. Condiment Kings puns were great!! Semi- Borat line from Kite Man killed me your wife lolz. I do at least 5 rewinds per episode. Hannibal line was spot on from Freeze to Dr. Psycho. I was trying to think what it reminded me of. Then Psycho said it seconds after. What a hilarious aged little child. Just another 10/10 for me. Love Nora, & that was by far my favorite variation of her. She’s so beautiful & they nailed it. Even with all the craziness & appropriate vulgarities. It still hits on all levels. Romance, humor, story telling, characters, & what they are able to do with characters like Ivy, Clayface etc. is 2nd to none.


So many things to love about this episode, including the topic which never gets old: love.

  • the “icy vagina” declaration … and a statement of sexism summed up in typical crazy funny Harley speak
  • Mr. Freeze’s henchmen being so easily cut down by various humorous kills. Harley brings all new meaning to ice skating killing
  • Condiment King squirting mustard on Kite Man’s suit … and Kite Man’s obsession with a weird wedding venue
  • Harley finally understanding and discovering love when she sought revenge … forcing herself to analyze her many relationships

My favorite episode of Season 2 so far. This show’s writing and voice acting are truly excellent.


Calling it at Kiteman’s wedding Harley is gonna see the new joker


ALso my email is a joke


Another great episode. All the feelings in this episode form Mr. Freeze to Ivy/Kite-man to Harley finally understanding what true love can be. Can’t believe we got Condiment King. This show is definitely getting their money worth form Alan Tudyk. Looking forward to seeing Batman finally come back to the show next week.


Kite Man’s Borat impression in the middle of one of the most emotional moments was the perfectly timed punchline.


I feel like I can normally tell when Alan Tudyk is playing a character even when he changes his voice, but I was honestly surprised to see that he also voiced Condiment King here. Once again, I’ve gotta give him props for more stellar acting


Wow this episode really had me in my feelings and seemed like a big commentary on love. Mr. Freeze being the not so bad bad guy who just wants to cure his dead wife, loved it. And overall the person I felt the most sorry for was Harley because this episode really shed some more light on the fact that Joker really did a number on her to where she has this really warped idea of love. And it made me sad to hear her own views about it. How can she love or have feelings for someone when she has no idea what it looks like or when it’s staring her right in the face?

Ivy and Kiteman: cute. But still whatever to me. Nothing else to say about it. But seriously though:

Ivy: (to Harley) “you’ll find true love like I did.”

Me: Girl bye. You don’t know what you want.

Freezes comment about doing what’s best for the one you love definitely struck a chord with Harley and is certainly going to come into play again in future.

Good episode


Extremely good episode.

Underrated line: Doctor Psycho hearing about the engagement and muttering “He’s too good for her.”


Clayface’s comment “It reminds me of my mother” as well as King Shark’s “OMG, ITS BEYONCE!” had me in tears.

I am genuinely intrigued to see how this Ivy/Kiteman wedding plays out especially when there is supposedly some Ivy/Harley upcoming. I am ecstatic to see how Harley reacts to being at the wedding (if it actually happens?!) ::kitemanhqtas:::poison_eyebrowhqtas:::harley_eyebrowhqtas::

Also, poor Mr. Freeze.

Forreal though anyone keeping track of how many times Harley has been frozen :joy:


Did i expect to get so many feelings during a harley quinn episode? no i did not. was it worth it? in the wise words of our friend kite man- hell yeah


I mean…again: wow! Loved it.:heart: This show really does fire on all cylinders. Never stop!


I almost feel sorry for the condiment king! He’s done pissed off ivy! I really enjoyed this episode. I too popped at the “reminds me of my mother” line! I think Dr Psycho is my favorite character of the series, other than bane! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hoping I got the right amount of emoji and exclamation points in this message


This show keeps on making great episodes. I’m having a lot of fun with it. Everything works right; the animation, the voice acting, and the writing. I do enjoy that there is an emotional story as well as comedy; and that takes a lot of skill to pull off together.


I was worried they would develop a simple of formula of killing one villain per episode, but this, Riddler, and Penguin had such different spotlight episodes. I loved it, and that they somehow combined Batman and Robin Freeze with BTAS Mr. Freeze.


This episode made me want Kite Man and Condiment King to have a city wrecking fight. Mr. Freeze was a lot of fun, despite the ending. I about died when he asked about the steak’s “mouthfeel.”


I don’t know about you but I need to know more about King Shark’s backstory now.


“It’s Lady Ga-GAAA!”


I loved Alan Tudyk’s Ed Wynn-esque voice for Condiment King.

Also, nobody tell Kite Man that Clint Howard and Melanie Sorich divorced a few years ago!