Harley Quinn S2, E3 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

Things started off pretty chilly, but they got heated up soon enough! This episode had it all - Catwoman, Kite Man proposing…again, a great Riddler escape and ‘recapture”, a museum heist with some major traps thanks to Dr. Trap, and, of course, Frank the Plant is back! Man, he sure was missed!!

If you haven’t watched episode 3 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


Catwoman was amazing!!! Great episode again plenty of characters & nods. Not a bad one yet imho.


spoiler alert


My. Freeze really needs to get some good goons so they don’t give away how to get into their hideout. Hard to believe that Riddler did all that just to tick Dr. Psycho off and not even leave to do being in such great shape and getting 3 meals a day.


wow i have to say this may just be my favorite episode yet.

First FRANK IS BACK, hell yeah!

Seeing Ivy fawn over Catwoman was definitely something to behold. I have to say as much as I like the comedy Kiteman brings; I agree with Harley and not sure if he is up to par with Ivy. I guess third time is the charm even though Catwoman stole the ring…lol…Will we see this relationship continue?? I am 100% intrigued.

I think my favorite part was the ending where Ivy is “getting back to her roots”, and Harley gets to support Ivy as much as Ivy has supported her through out the show.

Can’t wait for next week!!


Another great Ep! Loved seeing Catwoman (and Ivy’s reaction to her! :laughing:) Kiteman, crazy traps, the Ace Chem board, and the Babysitters Club :ok_hand: Can’t wait to see where all of it goes!
especially one tease that has me feelin’ a little cheated. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I teared up at the end. HELL YEAH.


-Nice to see chaotic neutral opportunist Catwoman.
-Riddler willingly staying for the exercise, security, and entertainment was funny.
-This show’s really getting it’s money’s worth out of Alan Tudyk.
-Didn’t Ivy dump chemicals into the environment at the end, though?


This was such a great episode! Damn Riddler really made the crew fools of themselves lol. I’m glad to see more of Ivy and what she wants and wanted in her future and I love Harley’s support despite not liking Kiteman throughout this whole time. Catwoman was amazing and even though she did leave them after the heist, it is how she is. Pretty cool seeing her work her way through the traps. I MISSED FRANK and I was so happy to see him again! Such a nice moment at the end with Harley and Ivy, I’m really glad to see Ivy branch out more and getting to see more of her personality.

Don’t mind me while I re-watch this episode again and again. See you during the watch-along later! ::poison_eyebrowhqtas:::harley_smilehqtas::


You’re right, but I think she would clean up after, but mostly focused on getting revenge. Also she had her head wrapped around other things at the moment.


I had to look up “Doctor Trap”

Talk about a deep cut! He’s right up there with Jason Praxis last season!


It’s at the top or I’d hide it. It’s in the actual title.:grin:


Did anyone else notice Franks assssets? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Catwoman was everything I could have dreamed she’d be on this show and so much more. Ivy’s reaction was completely surprising, but I loved it and loved Harley’s reaction to it all. How did she take the jacket right off of her? ::catwoman_hv_4::

I do love the truth bombs she dropped on Ivy. She does need to start acting more like Poison Ivy again. The end was a good start, and it was a good start to Harley paying more attention to her friend’s needs instead of just her own.

Gotta say, Kiteman does grow on me … unfortunately like a rash I haven’t yet found the right cream to get rid of yet. I honestly gave an effort with him despite my earlier intentions to ignore him, but this episode drove it home that I just can’t do it. I envy those of you who can, and I know you guys will enjoy how the episode ended. Good for you lot.

I’ll just sit here eagerly awaiting how Harley deals with the rest of the Injustice League and for Catwoman’s return to steal more of their stuff.


i wanted to know story about where frank was


Ivy (talking about Catwoman): you know you just see her and you’re like “Ah, I want to be like that.” And then , you see her wearing overalls and you’re like “ Oh maybe I want overalls.” And then suddenly you have a closet full of overalls that don’t look good on you.

Harley: What the f*ck are you talking about?



You really got to admire Frank the Plant. He’s got a sweet one on him.


Watching such a different side of Ivy was hilarious.

Peep back at the overalls Ivy wore last episode too :eyes:


Oh my god she did wear overalls lol


I thought ivy was about to dump kite man because catwoman was raggy on him and also thought they were going to hook up