Harley Quinn, S2, E1 - Best Lines (Spoilers)

OK, I am going to try and keep this up every week. (Why not, I’m a captive audience.) Here are the top lines from Season 2, episode 1. I found 26 (amazing for a 22 minute show). Feel free to add any I missed. Enjoy.

  1. Would it be too gauche to ask for a spider roll or are you strictly omakase? (Clayface)

  2. This is what I’ve always wanted, Ive, anarchy and sushi. (Harley)

  3. Yeah, you definitely could have had better sushi when Gotham had refrigeration and free trade with the rest of America. (Ivy)

  4. It’s chaos baby. It’s like Nam after the US pulled out. (Cy)

  5. There’s no dibs … it’s a post dibs world. (Harley)

  6. Excuse me, I identify as a hench. (Hench)

  7. The bank was just robbed 15 minutes ago by someone who said he was, quote, penguin-like. (Steven, bank shift manager)

  8. Your door is inoperable. (Freeze) It’s a pull. (Penguin) My bad. (Freeze)

  9. Of course, I tried texting him. What am I, 40? (Robin)

10.Let me pet you. I want to teach you love. (King Shark)

11.It’s pretty rough out there. I had to fight five new question-based villains. (Harley)

12.Instead of like 5 big *ssholes trying to run Gotham, we got a thousand little *ssholes to deal with (Ivy)

13.Wonder woman is very litigious, trust me (Dr. Psycho)

14.Luckily, I was away dog sitting for my Aunt Linda’s girlfriend. We’re very supportive. (Bane). Aw, that’s nice. (Two-Faced)

15.We had time to get a banner made but not enough to find one more executive chair? (Bane)

16.It goes super villains, sidekicks, goons that went to Harvard and their goons (Two Face)

17.Where did this map come from? I’m still on a GD folding chair. (Bane)

18.Your jest will be revenged. (Bane)

19.Mumble mumble mumble. (Bane)

20.We’re getting destroyed out there, men, Cheryl. (Gordon)

21.I know things seem bleak being hunted by villains and citizens alike, no food, no power. I mean, my God, there’s only coconut flavor sparkling water in the venders. (Gordon)

22.Give my love to Barb. (Two-Face)

23.I’m here and I’m not going to say tweet tweet (Ivy) Ha ha ha she said it. (Clayface/Francois)

24.Oh yikes (Ivy) It’s about to get way more yikes (Harley) Yeah, that was definitely more yikes (King Shark)

25.I never got shot but I did put a lot of personal projects aside trying to save you (Dr. Psycho)

26.In the last two months did I miss anything other than Clayface’s long winded back story? (Harley)