Harley Quinn S1 Ep10... Coffee is my becoming

Maybe it’s because I’m currently reading the novelization of Knightfall by Dennis O’Neil, but I was in tears when I saw Bane’s “Coffee is my becoming” mug in HQ10. My wish is for this mug to become official DC merch, as I would gladly buy it.

I will have respect. I will drink it where all can see. :coffee:


Think you mean Reckoning. And it is indeed available for purchase!


This is when I wish I drank coffee.

Having tea in a “coffee is my reckoning” mug gives a whole other vibe.

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I’m with u. I drink tea also. I can’t imagine what coffee would do to my insomnia. I still gotta go easy on tea, Luckily, I was never a coffee drinker so I don’t know what I’m missing, if I’am. My tea has to have milk in it tho or I’m out.

Thanks lol - I guess I was sitting too far from the TV