In episode 5, we get to travel into the mind of the Queen of Chaos herself. No surprise, Joker is a main player in there, but with the help of her crew (yes, Ivy, you are part of her crew too) - Harley navigates herself through…herself.

If you haven’t watched episode 5 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


Since the episode uses a rather problematic term, here’s some information about it: Calling Arson ‘Jewish Lightning’ Has an Ugly History – The Forward

But go ahead, haters: keep calling the show “too woke.” :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked episode five. It makes sense Harley jumped into a vat of chemicals to try to win the jokers approval. I liked that she found a new lair and got a new member to her villain team. I hope this show gets second season. I will say I wish each episode could be a little longer like forty five minutes.


I love how the show is a good balance of being heartwarming but yet so damn ridiculous and funny at the same time.

Loved Ivy’s freak out about being trapped and worrying about her plants “we need to get you some friends” lol

Loved the deus ex machina comment made by clayface

Loved the repressed memories bit and Harley coming to realize that it was always her choice

Each episode is getting better and better. I’m completely invested in the show and Harley’s crew. Once again I found myself mentally shouting “you go girl” by the end of it.


Least funny episode but still solid entertainment maybe 7/10 while the others are 9 or 10/10. DC definitely needs to promote this show better. None of my friends even the ones that like comics have really heard of it.

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I know I shouldn’t have, but “Black Lightning’s Israeli cousin” got a laugh out of me. Some good lines in this episode. I wish it would have gone easier on the flashing in the memory museum scene though. Photosensitivity trigger.


Actually I think you were saying “Ooh, Gogurt”


Didn’t expect some of the references in this episode lol
Like Harley’s Mom & Dad basically being the parents from ‘Married with Children’

I also thought the hooded figure was gonna be Harley’s brother or maybe even a young version of Joker that she unknowingly met prior to him becoming Joker. But Wow Frankie Muniz :joy: Another funny reference


I can’t wait to be able to rewatch this series as a binge! I like the development going on between Harley and Ivy. I like how the gang Harley has is growing into an actual team and friends. It’s nice. The Suicide Squad mentions were cool, I’m hoping we get to see them at some point. Frankie Muniz and Married with Children were nice touches. I also got Jane Patrol vibes from this episode.


This is probably the weakest episode so far but it was still pretty good and entertaining. I liked how we got to see Harley’s mind and past and how it was her decision to jump into the vat of chemicals and not the Joker.
Also it’s great that she found her lair and once again beat the cr*p out of the Joker.
Its very nice to see Harley growing as a person and as always looking forward to more episodes! I really hope this show gets a second season and more support! It’s really great :+1:


Joke wise this was probably the weakest episode thus far, but still hits a homerun. This show is as much focused on good character development and a cohesive story as it is with the punchlines, profanity, and gore. Best show on the market; well worth the subscription.


Hey, anyone who was at NYCC: was it just me, or did Harley’s internal museum feel a lot like the 3rd floor Harley Quinn art gallery at DCUHQ?

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Enjoyed seeing into Harley’s mind and getting a creepy vibe from all of the younger Harley’s. Liked seeing Ivy telling everyone why they needed to stay and help out Harley get through this dilemma. Don’t know if I ever would want to have CPR done on me by a shark after this episode. Looking forward to seeing the next episode.


Compare to last week episode this one is not that funny. It still was a good episode that took more time to develop Harley and finally she is getting out of the joker shadow and becoming her own character, all I ask is that moving forward she reflect this in the series, else this episode was for nothing.

Funniest part of the episode for me was when King Shark decide to stay and help and Ivy is relief because she didn’t have anything to say to convince him also the deux machina joke and King Shark response to it was also really funny.


Another hilarious episode! It’s also nice to see Psycho discover his true calling as a bowling ball


Good stuff!!! The show is very enjoyable. Like how other characters like Dr. Psycho and Clayface get a bit more screen time. The group dynamic is really coming together. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a second season!!


This show is just TOO Awesome!!! All the references and 1 liners. i just love it, keep it coming! No one does it like Harley!


I have so far really enjoyed the Harley Quinn series :smiley: I’ve been on binge mode lol


Agreed, a good episode but def a filler :smiley:


Absolutely love it!!! Very well done!!!

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