In episode 4, we see Harley in search for “Mr. Right”, well, the right nemesis, that is! While she set her sights on Batman or would have even settled for Superman, what she got was a very adolescent Robin.

If you haven’t watched episode 4 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


This is easily my favorite episode of the season so far. Overall I’m loving the series concept and the way Damien was reworked (the voice, oh the voice) for the sake of a running gag worked brilliantly. Tawny as a Jerry Springer-esque figure is almost begging to be promoted into the comics mainstream at this point. Nice to see Ivy back in the fray as well. Keep up the good work.


That episode was great! Batman giving Robin a pep talk at the end was hilarious! I really like Tammy’s character and the subheadings for the show were super funny! Now that Damien has been introduced do you think they’ll introduce any other Batfam members? For example, they could make a joke about the scene in the Batman and Harley Quinn movie where she has Nightwing tied to a bed!


I REALLY enjoyed this episode!

I liked how they had to resort to an online service to look for a nemesis. King Shark in a hoodie is precious. This Damian Wayne makes so much sense in the context of this world. I love that we get to see the Trinity again! That Maury fight at the end was great. That little moment where Ivy lands on Harley and the audience reacts is something I had been waiting for! I gotta say, I was also like Clayface and Dr. Psycho, I thought King Shark meant he got woozy around blood… NOPE!



Another great episode. It was fun to see King Shark as a computer wiz and now having him as part of the crew. It was interesting to see all the heroes and villains who were watching the fight between Batman and Harley/Ivy. Looking forward to seeing the next episode.


Oh my god so many good things in this episode.

Damian Wayne as Harley Quinn’s nemesis was cute and hilarious

I really didn’t expect King Shark to go savage after smelling blood. I was like Dr. Psycho, I thought he was just going to faint or something

The Jerry Springer undertones on Tawny

Ivy and Harley tagteaming against Batman and oddly I’m rooting for them to kick his ass and win.

Favorite episode so far


This episode was gold.
King Shark joining the crew, the tv talk show parody on Tawny was hilarious, Damian Wayne being Harley’s nemesis. Everything was just awesome!
This could also be my new favorite episode of the series so far.
As always I cant wait for more! :smile:


Best episode yet.


I guess the writers did take a lot of inspiration from Venture Bros. Wow.


I’m surprised at how invested into the characters + story I’ve become.
When all the different plot threads gradually came together at the studio my excitement level was skyrocketing.

Seriously, even Damian’s nose bleed played a part lol
Him and his relationship with Bruce from the convo at the end was perfect. The different or self-aware ways the characters on the show are written is one of my favorite parts.

Pleasantly surprised whenever we get some cool action sequences. It’s cool whenever that ‘specific’ song plays during Harley’s fight scenes. Also got hyped when Ivy came in like a badass. The fluid animation even with the smallest things is super appreciated.

But yeah great episode once again :+1:


I really like King Shark in this episode he’s a guy you might like to hang out with. I also like how Harley is looking for her number 1 nemesis and the last thing she want is Robin! :grin::tv:


Happy with this episode. I’m hoping for a Harley/Ivy romance which they seem to be building towards. What will they call it? HIVy? Too much? Maybe not for this show.

Loved Robin as a lying little Incel. Never liked this version of Robin and I liked seeing him taken down a peg.


The extra effort for small things animated really add to the characters.
Like with Ivy they have her pulling her hands in and out of her pockets. I’d like to imagine it’s a ‘tick’ for how she feels reserved around people as we’ve seen in episode 1 Harley diagnosed Ivy.

Ivy 3

Harley Ep 1 Harley Epp 1
Ivy Epp1 Ivy Eppp1


My favorite episode so far. Loved the lower thirds/titles on the talk show!


Great watch. I especially loved how Superman treated Damian like a Dad would treat his son when he gets his first girlfriend. Lois knows the deal when it comes to getting kidnapped, and everyone sees nemesis like a celebrity couple. King Shark is a nice addition, love Ron Funches and his comedic take. The talk show bit was also hilarious, especially when everyone kept busting in, it was such a Jerry Springer moment.


Funniest episode by far! I laughed from the start to the finish.


I loved this week’s episode. The shark repellent was a nice touch to pay homage to the late Adam West.


I’m enjoying the series thus far. It’s funny seeing villainy treated as a legitimate occupation (the LoD’s headquarters being in a park, agencies for henchmen, motivational speakers, etc.) and villains being treated as semi-celebrities that appear on talk shows. Also loving the banter between Harley, Ivy, and the rest of the cast. Excellent job!


This show is really good! I love how they take nothing serious!


Welp, its official. This is my favorite episode of Harley xD lol

It didnt over do it with the swearing/etc. It seemed natural when ever it would happen. Also loved seeing Damian.

Such a little ■■■■…and I love him for it!

Also liked the little touches (going from screaming Batman to screaming Father/dad and calling out for his mother.

Also Also, We got to see Clois ^__^! Like what!? Wasnt expecting to actually see those two (loved how Lois was concerned for Bruce and Damian and Clark is just sitting there like a dork eating his sushi like nothings wrong, hahaha)