Gotta admit, this episode was one hell of a wild ride - and we weren’t even on Harley Quinn Highway! From Joker’s treatment of Harley’s crew making us cringe in shared pain (even with Psycho) to the touching and beautiful resurrection of the one and only Poison Ivy, it was beautiful chaos.

If you haven’t watched episode 13 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


This Episode made me happy and Sad​:sob: I was so Happy For Harley and Ivy


Omfg are we going No Man’s Land in Harley? Because that’s about it be f-ing glorious! I’m so happy Ivy came back how she did! It was perfect! Will we see a Harley and Ivy relationship? I hope so! Lol omg when do we get season 2?? I was not expecting this ending!!!


I remember when first watching the trailer on YouTube, someone lamented that Harley didn’t use Sorkin’s thick accent. I’d responded at the time that I felt it was for the best as said accent would slow the dialogue and pacing while being distracting. With that all said, Kaley definitely channeled it while she was pandering to Joker (not entirely, but moreso than the pilot) and she pulled it off pretty well. Having classic Harley being a symbol of her toxic relationship felt like a wonderful homage to the DCAU.

Overall, you guys struck gold with this series. Looking forward to the second half!


That finale was epic!

Harley vs Joker was extremely well executed. The Justice League and Legion of Doom are gone. Anything can happen in season 2. Batman and Joker going out at the same time, it’s just poetic.

I really enjoyed this season. I even ended up liking characters like Dr. Psycho! This show and Doom Patrol are the best things DC Universe has produced! I hope more episodes will come sooner rather than later because holy moly.

HQ Ivy Psycho_HQAS KingShark_HQAS Clay


I am so happy Ivy is back, she is my favorite bad girl next to Catwoman. But hopefully there will be a second season. I thought this would be a lead up to the new 52 or rebirth Harley Quinn comics. A bit disappointed I was wrong.


@TheBatgirlofNML, you’re gonna be happy about this one.


Me while watching: “ please, please, please, don’t let the show end with a cliffhanger of Ivy’s hand coming out of the ground…oh thank god”


Great season. When does season 2 come out.


Guess who’s back? Back again. Ivy’s back, tell a friend. Solid season, great finish. Loved how Joker got the “For the Man Who Has Everything” line in. Kite Man camped out by her tombstone, solid boyfriend’ing. Absolutely a binge worthy season. I know I had to have missed a ton from only 1 viewing per ep., so can’t wait to pick it apart.


Love Ivy’s new bad ass black scar look!!!


So, here we get the season one finale. Must admit that episode 12 felt like the pinnacle of the first season and was going to be almost impossible to top.

This is a very good episode finish, but I wish they would have taken more of a “Who Shot JR?” from Dallas type approach and left a little more unresolved or something leaving us wanting much more. Some people don’t like teases but this series has done that from time to time and here was a perfect opportunity.

Still a great episode and ton of fun, but they didn’t take many chances like in some of the other episodes. Highlights:

  • Joker’s creative torturing the crew
  • A Stanley Kubrick reference involving Dr. Psycho!?!?!
  • Frank The Plant wanting the “Dr” chiseled to Ivy’s grave
  • 80s party!?!
  • Joker making Harley wear the Batman: Animated Series outfit
  • What Gotham is like under Joker’s dominance

Looking forward to season two! 4/5 stars.


I don’t watch HQ. Not a fan of the character among other reasons. What would I like?

I’m… I’m…wow! What an intense episode! Best episode EVER!!!


Best series i watched in a WHILE i’m glad ivy came back it was cool and i like her new look i wonder if season two they head to Metropolis that would be cool is kiteman gonna added to the group? i wonder if we will see jack Napier in season two so much i look forward to in season two i think this season was awesome really enjoyed it great with this show


Solid ending. Loved it. My only concern while watching was: “okay how are we going to bring Ivy back. I know she’s coming but how are you going to do it? Please for the love of god don’t do the cliched hand coming out the ground and then fade to black ending”

So glad that didn’t happen. I love how we see a lot of Harley’s growth this episode compared to the way we saw her in the first episode. Putting herself on the line for her friends and voicing out loud to her abuser that she has family friends and people who love her. Very powerful showdown between them.

Kiteman: “my fiancée”
Me: “Yeeeah okay, buddy. I’ll let you have that because you’re grieving. You’re still a good guy though”

Frank: “she’s a doctor”
Me: “ You’re god d*** right”

Maybe it’s just me but I was a little confused by the acid tub. If it wasn’t going to kill Harley what exactly was it going to do if Harley jumped in? Or did I miss something.

I did like seeing Ivy’s vines at the bottom by the acid tub. I inwardly cheered like “Oh yeah, Ivy’s got her. She’s back b*****s”

Still no explanation on why Ivy was being harvested. Unless I just missed that too.

Can’t wait for season 2. JL is gone LOD is gone and so is Gotham. The show could really go anywhere at this point. Of course this is not the last we’ve seen of joker. They did the hand popping out of the ground thing with him but I’m just glad it wasn’t Ivy.

Great season looking forward to more. Bring on season 2.



Great season so looking forward to seeing what happens next with Harley and her crew. Kinda wish Harley would of beaten Joker with out Ivy’s help but it does show us she now knows she can deal with anything as long as she has her friends. Also wondering if Batman survived the fall into the acid and what we will see him as next.


If you’re not a fan and don’t watch it why come to a post posted to discuss the season finale? Just curious? Why not start your own post to ask about it?


Seriously tho I need a date for season two and I need to know if we are stepping into No Man’s Land because the wonderful fights and gang wars that could go on between Pretty much Joker Vs EVERYONE who’s mad about the whole ‘complete destruction of their city’ could be epic! Please don’t do like other cheesy shows where it just starts fresh :eyes: I hate that lol! Man I’m going to have to binge this entire first season again just to watch it all the way through…
this is such a good animated series, but DC always knocks it out of the park with animation!


HCQ said above that I would like this episode. (In this same thread.) I just responded without thinking to much about the medium and context. Sorry, I should have probably private messaged in hindsight.

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