Harley is feeling a little lost without her crew, especially Ivy. So, she heads to the one place where they will always great her with open arms - home. Things don’t exactly scream “functional” in the Quinzel household, but what can you expect from the people that raised Harley Quinn?

Meanwhile, Ivy is trying her best to figure out what is going on and get Frank to get Harley to help her escape, but things don’t go exactly as planned there.

If you haven’t watched episode 10 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


Soooo Ivy can’t turn a little dandelion into a giant killer plant? And can she bring more plants to (talking/cursing) life like Frank, like Elsa does with snowmen?

Or am I reading too much into this?

Loved all the plot lines in this ep:
Harley’s family reunion
Ivy’s rapport with the kindergarten teacher
And Frank’s pot road trip.

Can’t wait for next week.


*Gabagool * Although The Sopranos brought it more into the mainstream lexicon, I never thought I’d hear it on a cartoon. I can only speak for myself as far as the Italian stereotype jokes, but I thought it was hilarious. This show continues to surprise me with every episode. I loved the look into Harleen’s gymnastics background. Rory Scovel did some voiceover, he’s one of my favorite newer comedians. Also Susie Essman, seems like their recruiting heavily from Curb Your Enthusiasms’ cast. They even made the henchman guarding Ivy hilarious. Joshua was way off my radar as the man behind Ivy’s abduction. I was sure it was Lex or Joker employing Scarecrow. Another incredible episode. The character work & storytelling is on point every time. The last episode was the most serious (in this realm) & they came right back with an in your face smart comedic gem. Two thumbs off for this episode.


-Wow, Harley’s Dad’s a piece of work.
-You’ve got no one to blame but yourself for relying on a pothead, Frank.
-Part-time goon’s concern for his rating on a find-a-goon website was amusing.
-Harley assumed her inner self was talking about Ivy at first. That’s touching.
-“We can be respectful while killing her.”
-“How much of this am I hallucinating?”
-Joshua put out the hit. Bane’s efforts to be a responsible mentor were great. This show’s really using him a lot, and in ways no one ever really thought to use him before. Then he impulsively decides to blow something up.
Interested in finding out what’s really going on with the LOD and why they want to “harvest” Ivy. Here’s to next week.


A lot of missed opportunities in this episode. The whole Harley goes home with the 80s-like TV setup could have been an awesome sitcom-style episode, but that was just a title gag. There wasn’t really any drama over Ivy’s situation. Harley’s parents weren’t that funny or interesting. I love this show, but it was my least favorite episode. I hope this isn’t the first one somebody new to the series watches because it misses so many strengths contained in other episodes.

And was it just me that thought the voice acting for Harley was a bit off in this episode? I don’t mean to be hypercritical, but something about Harley’s voice seemed different here. Maybe it was calmer and lower? I don’t know.

Not a fan of this episode at all. 2/5.

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Forgot. I’ve been trying to think of the setup for the joke the henchman told the punchline to. Or a setup I guess? I wouldn’t post it if I did, but I’m playing that game in my head.

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When ever you think your family is a piece of work you just have to look at Harley’s family in this episode.


Poor Barry! Sure there’s an interesting story behind how he kicked the bucket.


Yes, up until this episode in the series Ivy has been very OP. Here she is super conveniently damsel-in-distress weak and needs plants to run errands for her? Takes us out of the story a bit.

I was hoping for something more dramatic with her capture … like that scene with Bond in Goldfinger … a laser about to cut her in half, something maybe showing Ivy has drugged so her main powers couldn’t be invoked. Instead, we’re supposed to buy that she is strapped down to a table and can’t get loose … and yet a couple episodes ago she calls kelp out of the ocean and subdues Aquaman lol


Really loved this episode! I like the comedy, but when this show is plot driven and character driven is when it is at its strongest. Harley’s parents are dirtbags and deserved worse than what they got. Frank is such a delight when he’s featured in an episode. It makes sense that Ivy isn’t as powerful as usual since she’s been drugged.

I kind of wonder how Harley’s brother would have been like.


Soooo…riddler eats an orange, shits out a seed, Ivy takes over arkham. Ivy gets a hold of a dandelion and is now somehow helpless and uses it to send for help instead.


Now that you mention it, maybe that gas they used to knock her out did leave her in a weakened state and she was only able to create that little weed? Hmmmm…


I felt like there was a slight change in how Harley was drawn in this episode.
Bigger eyes maybe, lighter shade of mascara?
I felt like it had an effect of being more expressive. Anyone else feel that way?

Frank is HILARIOUS!!!


I took it as Ivy was in a weakened state after being captured and drugged and not at full strength compared to her Arkham escape, hence why the dandelion weed was so puny.


I got some I, Tonya vibes from Harley’s flashback gymnastics competition like strained relationship with parent/coach. Incidentally, live-action Harley actress Margot Robbie was in I, Tonya. Don’t know if allusion to Tonya Harding was intentional or not, but hats off to the writers/producers either way!


Hands down, this was the best episode so far! How about more Bane and Frank - that would be pretty awesome. I was a bit surprised to see Crane walk out at the end, I think I was expecting Luthor to be the one who kidnapped Ivy.

This whole season has well exceeded my expectations - between this series and the upcoming film I’m going to be diving head first into the series I started a while ago :+1: :+1:


Bane is seriously stealing the show for me. I want more 'splosions.


That’s right. I forgot she played Harding in that. Great observation.


You win a no-prize.

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