Harley Quinn Premiere Description At SDCC

The #HarleyQuinn animated series is like a screwball comedy ala Looney Tunes with tons of blood and F bombs .


Probably not for me to be honest, but I’ll check it out.

Sounds like it could be fun.


As a big Looney Tunes fan, hearing that Harley Quinn is “Looney Tunes but with f-bombs” makes me immensely happy.

Using version of the Mary Tyler Moore theme is kinda inspired.


If anyone wants to see it for themselves: https://youtu.be/XhSj3PvDTfo

“Holy ****! Can we do that again?!”

That’s probably not the first time Harl has said that.

I loved that preview! Bonkers in all the perfect ways. Looks like King Shark, Dr. Psycho, the elderly, robotic Jewish guy that lives in Harley’s building, Clayface, Flash rogues and more will be showing up. Can’t wait!

The “ow!” at the end reminds me of the current DC Superhero Girls show and how it’s opening song concludes with “yow!”.

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Dis gunna b gud.

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I believe you’re referring to Cy Borgman, elite cold warrior spy! :joy:

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@Jay_Kay Yes, snaps fingers that’s his name! I knew the last name, but drew a momentary blank on the first.

Cy’s pretty fly for a partly cybernetic guy.