Harley Quinn is no Tank girl

I can’t keep my mouth shut guys I have to say… I had high hopes in birds of prey and after, finally, seeing the movie… Birds of prey is no Tank girl. It’s not the girl powered hope of my dreams. It doesn’t come close. I wanted but this movie didn’t deliver. This was probably the worst black mask I ever had to sit threw but that doesn’t compare to how they treated Victor Zzazz. Or Cassie Cain. Or Huntress… Or Montoya, need I go on … I didn’t even want “comic accurate” I just wanted a bit of that Looney tunes, 90’s badass girl flick… so sad. Anyone agree? Or am I alone in this feeling?

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Robbie absolutely dominated that movie. I think the problem is, if it was Harley Quinn then those characters happened to cameo, it would be fine with all. The fact that it’s supposed to be a BOP movie & HQ/Robbie was front & center the whole time hurt expectations. That being said, she completely crushed it in that spotlight. Just should’ve been a HQ movie introducing the BOP for their own movie, which it still could be? Just labeled wrong but I thought it was a visual feast & some great acting.

Yes but my expectation wasn’t birds of prey it was for the Harley Quinn movie and… I hate to say it cuz I’m not a fan of new 52 Harley, but at least that team gets it when you say zany… the sandwich was maybe the closest this movie got. And it just didn’t do it for me, probably because I really really miss the 90’s. Like tank girl and hackers and the opening to biodome. I really miss the 90’s :frowning: thank you for the response though, I’m glad you had a good time at the movie

Funny you mentioned that.

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Well now I’m gonna just go scream. Not sure if it’s a good scream or bad one but my whole house will know this news when I’m done lol