Harley Quinn .. Hot or Not?

The Clown Princess? She needs a tan, but yes or no? Not sex wise. But do you like thd character? Artistry and storyline?

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Im pretty sure that this is going to be a resounding “yes”. Every incarnation of harley quinn has that “it” factor.

And she absolutely does not need a tan.


She can be a little too psychotic, but overall, she is pretty… cool. I am not a big fan of her in the Injustice versions though, both storyline and artistry. Nor did I like the whole Velma/Thelma thing in the Batman Animated Series. Her best looks and storylines are in the comics where the focus is solely on her. Or in Suicide Squad.

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Her in Heroes in Crisis? Cra,y… wtf?

What happened?

She’s nuts in the first 3, but its really a mystery of what’s going on. You gotta check it out.

Its a trip

Hopefully, it will become available here.

They might be worth buying. Like the other Crisis stuff. I usually wait for the graphic novel collections, but I got these digitally. I wish it was like dvd. A hard copy and digital.

Or Amazon treats comics like music where certain albums can be bought on disc but also include Autorip for digital.

Harley’s cute and pretty, but I’ve never seen her as hot. Even Margot Robbie’s HQ (while cute and pretty) didn’t stoke that fire further.

I guess it depends on who is drawing her. I’ll always think of as being cute and goofy.

Have you seen the cover of the Christmas Special? That is not a kid-friendly Harley.

Not sure any HQ anything is kid friendly… lol… the beaver!


I love her, lol have since she appeared in BTAS when I was kid. Now i have a new love for her because she reminds me of myself in a more over the top comic way

I’ve seen the cover of the HQ Christmas Special. Many times.


There are some other naughty covers that are pretty nice.

I find her somewhat attractive…

Not the hottest dc female though

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Idk it’s a toss up between her and Ivy but I always go back to Harley. Lmao