Harley Quinn exclusive animated series

What does everyone think of the new Harley Quinn animated series trailer??? I personally loved it and I’m super excited to see more. I personally think Kaley was a great choice to be the voice of Harley and I’m very excited that there’s gonna be an animated series with everyone’s favorite character.


I have nothing against the show. Looks fun and all. Definitely watching it. I just don’t like how DC is making Harley their Deadpool in media.

Im soooooooo excited that excited doesn’t even justify how excited I am :heart_eyes:

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It wasn’t really a trailer per se. Just an extended promo with the Harley character teasing that it’s coming soon. Plus, Harley isn’t coming out for almost 1 year.

To he completely honest, ive never been a Harley Fan but the trailer looks promising. Its a shame it doesn’t come out till summer of 19. Ill def be tuning in. Im so ready for these original series’!

Here’s a trivia about the show Harley Quinn
It’s not the first time a big bang theory female cast member to voice
The main character but the first big bang female cast member
To voice Harley Quinn was Melissa raunch in the movie Batman and Harley Quinn released back in 2017.

I’m a huge Harley fan. Really looking forward to this show. It and Swampthing are the shows that I am really anticipating.

DC definitely needs some levity, and Harley is the ideal character for that.

I’m torn, the plot sounds fabulous but the animation was horrible and her voice isn’t what you expect. I do not like Harley turning into Deadpool :expressionless:

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I wouldn’t worry about Harley turning into Deadpool. Ivy and Joker will be main characters in thos series.

Also, I wouldn’t worry about the animation in a teaser. It wasn’t even a full trailer.

Looking forward to literally anything dc animation puts out

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I don’t think she was the best choice for a VA, but will be watching regardless.

I feel torn about the trailer as well. This is a show that I really want to love (& will definitely give a shot), but the 4th wall breaking stuff did seem more deadpool & less (pre new 52) harley to me. I still found it to be a funny trailer, though! I am cautiously optimistic, I guess, & I’m hoping that the actual series turns out great.

The trailer did look interesting and I will definitely be giving this one a shot.