Harley Quinn continuity?

Since Rebirth, she has been in both the run of Suicide Squad and her own run as well. How does that work? I mean, as a member of Task Force X, wouldn’t she be in jail when not deployed to the field? I got into the actual comics since Rebirth so I often feel like I’m missing important details with my lack of canon knowledge.

It’s intentionally vague. There are two equally valid interpretations: the first is that the whole Harley Quinn series takes place after Harley is released from Belle Reve for working her time off with the Squad. The second is that she’s still on the Squad, and the entire series is just happening in her head. Personally I think the latter makes more sense, considering how ridiculous the comic can get and how no other non-Harley Quinn comic ever refers back to its events.

I’ve tried, but I can’t think of any versions of Harley I’ve liked since pre-New 52.